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PDF RLM HTTP Server Overview:
A typical default WebSphere configuration will serve non-SSL requests on port 9080 and SSL requests on port 9443. ... https ://HOSTNAME:8443/RLM....... (Default for Tomcat) https ://HOSTNAME:9443/RLM....... (Default for WebSphere) Configuring the Servlet for SDSF, HTML and MESSAGELOG access.
CMS-XML ALM Connector: RestGrid using /almzmfws/services/SernetProxyHttpServer gives: Unknown error received 500
... you tried to setup a RestGrid ( ... Unknown error received from https ://XXXXX/sbmproxy/xhp [url: ' http ://XXXXX:8080/almzmfws/services/SernetProxyHttpServer?system=ZMF&hostName=999.999.999.999&hostPortId=999&userId=XXXXX&responseType=JSON&request=PACKAGE%2FGENERAL%2FSEARCH%2Fpackage%3D*%2
CMS-XML Mainframe Connector Extensions: Mainframe Configuration for accessing ChangeMan ZMF from SBM
Configure the RLM HTTP server; this is the server SBM uses to populate the UI widgets with ZMF information. See Configuring the RLM HTTP Server .
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
To support communications with ARM 2.0, ChangeMan ZMF users require SERSERVC, a native mainframe HTTP server than runs under SERNET. SERSERVC is written in REXX and runs under IBM's Unix System Services (USS) on the host. It supports UTF-8 character encoding only.
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
<Setting Name="type" Type="xsd:string">NONE</Setting> <Setting Name="EndpointReference" Type="xsd:string"> http ://< /Setting> <Setting Name="BrandingConfig" Type="htf:map">
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
ChangeMan ZMF can be configured to retain audit reports in compressed printable ZMF format and in HTML format in a package staging library on the mainframe. The HTML- formatted reports can then be retrieved by ARM for viewing in the Work Change Request (WCR) workflow under the ZMF Info tab.
CMS-XML ARM: Release Calendar must be created before redeploying Release Packages mashup
When installing ARM 1.1 for the first time or configuring a new ARM environment, Section 5 - Setting Up a Release Calendar (Page 54 of the ARM 1.1 Getting Started Guide) needs to be executed before Section 4 - Configure and Redeploy Release Package (Page 39). Failure to do so will result in various errors being encountered attempting to redeploy the Release Package mashup
CMS-XML Enabling and Using Self-service Provisioning and Deployment
Self-service Provisioning and Deployment Overview The automation of the steps is done through pre- configured Serena Release Manager automation deployment tasks and Serena Release Automation process and plug-in configuration . NOTE Serena Request Center is sold separately from the Serena Release Manager suite.
CMS-XML Application Release Manager Patch Release
IMPORTANT! Before installing ARM, you must have previously installed ARM 1.1. It is not necessary to configure ARM 1.1 before installing ARM; just the installation must be performed. After you install ARM, you must perform the complete configuration process even if you previously configured ARM 1.1.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting communication among SBM Components using Wireshark
SBM consists of components which can be installed on one or more servers. For example, SBM components include the Application Engine (or IIS component), the Orchestration Engine, Application Repository and Common Services the last three components all running under JBOSS and Java. At times, it is necessary to capture communications between these components for troubleshooting purposes.
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