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CMS-XML getComponents Web Service failing for packages containing new components
Attempts to use the getComponents ARM-ZMF Web Service against packages that contain new components (i. e . components that do not exist in the CMN ZMF baseline library) are failing with the following error: GetComponents Service Error.
CMS-XML Failed Promote returns LastMessage=Completed
When a promote is successful, the ZMF Connector sends an event with the following parameters: PromotionName: E 1# ServerVersion: 8.2.0
CMS-XML No way to update related complex or super package information via web service
However, this only updates the information for the complex or super package and not the relevant participating package(s). Updating participating package information on the mainframe side (i. e . through standard XML Services) is deemed a low-level or record-level, yellow service. Execution of the PACKAGE.PRT_PKGS.UPDATE for the complex or super package must be followed by execution of the PACKAGE.GEN_PRMS.UPDATE
CMS-XML Unable to execute a command line using Ext.CmdLineWait() function
The argument passed to CmdLineWait() must contain no spaces. Ensure that the path to the execute does not contain spaces or uses the 8.3 naming convention with regard to spaces, e .g., 'Program Files' should be writen as 'Progra~1'.
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
d ForjobsSERSERV and SERTASK, change the dataset names in the sample DD statements to point to the CEXEC library where you unloaded the ChangeMan ZMF SERCOMC installation libraries. e FortheSERCMD job, change the dataset name in the sample DD statement to point to the CLIST library where you unloaded the ChangeMan ZMF SERCOMC installation libraries. f FortheNEWCMD job, change the CLIST library in the sample DD statement to point to the actual REXX execution library where SERSERVC will reside at runtime.

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