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CMS-XML No way to update related complex or super package information via web service
However, this only updates the information for the complex or super package and not the relevant participating package(s). Updating participating package information on the mainframe side (i. e . through standard XML Services) is deemed a low-level or record-level, yellow service. Execution of the PACKAGE.PRT_PKGS.UPDATE for the complex or super package must be followed by execution of the PACKAGE.GEN_PRMS.UPDATE
CMS-XML getDescriptions web service does not exist
Currently none of the ARM-ZMF web services return the package description information . An updateDescription service exists but no getDescription equivalent. The getProperties service does not return the package description information, either.
CMS-XML How to setup Dimensions CM, RM and other Serena products to utilize the SBM SSO using LDAP authentication model
</Setting> </Setting> At this point , the Dimensions CM user can login using SBM SSO only if the user name exists in SBM. Step 3 is only necessary if you do not want to require your CM, RM or other SSO user to be in SBM.
CMS-XML OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug and impact on Serena products
A security flaw has been discovered in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library that is used by up to two thirds of the internet. There is no evidence that Serena or your data has been compromised in any way. More information about the security advisory is available at
If the RECEIVE works you will see a 'RESTORE SUCCESSFUL...' message. If you need more info on the receive command type 'TSO HELP RECEIVE' at a command line.
PDF Microsoft Word - ZMF ALF Event Filters for RLM.docx
Event Default Description 00 No major - initialize ... a package 05 No unauthorized member access 06 No invalid compiling procedures 07 No generate package information 08 Yes delete a package 09 No generate project information 10 Yes revert a package 11 No generate global information 12 No activate component 13 Yes package memo deleted 14 Yes undeleted package 15 Yes base rippled 16 Yes base reverse rippled 18 No install package aged 19 No component history aged 20 Yes approve a package 21 No calendar re-sync 22 No staging libraries aged ... baseline release 34 No install release aged ...
PDF Serena Application Release Manager Installation and Configuration Giude
 Permissions Type 755 to assign read, write, and execute permissions over the directory to the directory owner, the owner's security group, and all others.  File Type Type 1 to identify the new data object as a directory. Forexample:
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
Each version is listed. For more details , click on the link for the version you are interested in.
CMS-XML ZMF Hotfix to support ARM 1.1
Please refer to the ARM 1.1 documentation for details on the components delivered here.
CMS-XML Approval ID is set incorrectly in the Approval Screen in ZMF when using ARM to integrate with SBM.
When using ARM 1.2 to integreate between SBM 2009 R2 and ZMF, using the Approve transition sets the ID in the Approval Screen in ZMF with the ID of the owner where the transition was fired, and not with the ID of the Owner the item is placed. Example: State A (Owner: Tester)====> Approve =====> State B (Owner: Admin)
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