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CMS-XML Script error when selecting a story
This is caused by a special charater in the story name. In this example , the story had an "em" dash in the name. The workaround is to put a standard ascii "-" in the name.
CMS-XML How can I use javascript to get the value of a drop down select list on a form?
The following example code can be put in the onselectionchange event of a list box. When the value is changed a alert should show the currently selected text value. The underlying value is actually a numeric value that will be stored in the database.
CMS-XML Resource attributes not available for use in charts
When creating a chart for a datasheet that has resource attributes, those attributes aren't listed when creating a chart. Example : 1. Reports > Teams > (Work) Story Assignments datasheet
CMS-XML Import: Story is put in wrong folder when the Product/Release name matches Team/Sprint name
[Steps to repro] 1. Create a project with the following configuration (as an example ): -- Sales Dashboard (Product)
CMS-XML Client-side browser requirements
Mariner, Agile on demand, and Application Development Management use an ActiveX control and MSXML for much of the UI. If ActiveX is not enabled or MSXML is not installed, you will experience any number of the following issues. This is not a complete list, but it gives an example of some of the types of issues that occur.
CMS-XML How do I create New Users in Agile On Demand?
As you start setting up your Agile On Demand project, you'll need to add Users to the system. There are 2 parts to a User in AOD: user account and resource. You'll need to create both for a User to log in to the system and be associated with work items (for example , as the Development Owner on a story).
CMS-XML How to Reset the User Settings
If individual users are seeing error messages that no other users see, it could be that something in their user settings are causing the problem. For example , all of the views remember your last setting. So, if your datasheet (or report) always gives you an error but works fine for others, the problem could be with the dates you had selected last time the report was run.
CMS-XML Slow performance on the Planning view when drag and drop from one side to other
2) Go to the Planning module, Planning tab. 3) Select the Commerce team on the left (for example ). 4) Select the Platform team on the right (for example).
CMS-XML Item type was not mapped error when using the SBM Report Mover widget in Agile.
Make sure the item type mappings are done for both sides. For example the following mapping will map a Agile "Story" to an SBM "Enhancement Request"
CMS-XML Planning and Tracking modules don't obey permissions
6) In the Backlog view, use the picker to choose the Platform team. (This example is using backlog view, but all views have same problem.)
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