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CMS-XML How to upgrade a Agile 2009 R3 installation to Agile 2010 R1, or Agile 2010 R2, or Agile Planner 2.3
Click the New Query button on the toolbar. When the window opens, make sure that the correct database is selected at the top in the dropdown box.
CMS-XML After upgrade to 10.1.4.x - cannot connect to Composer when using SSO and NTLM - Windows Authentication - invalid security token
After upgrade to 10.1.4.x - cannot connect to Composer when using SSO and NTLM - Windows Authentication - invalid security token
CMS-XML "The form you are trying to access has been removed, and is no longer available" PESObjectNotFoundException if cardwall source is deleted.
When prompted for which view to use pick the first one which is a single window . In the "Widgets" area drag a Card Wall widget to the right side. Compare the Properties settings for the new Card Wall widget with those on the original form and save your changes.
CMS-XML How to enable HTTP compressions for Agile
Edit this section to include the bold sections below: <httpCompression sendCacheHeaders="false" directory="C:\ Windows \IIS Temporary Compressed Files" doDiskSpaceLimiting="false" minFileSizeForComp=" 1 " noCompressionForHttp10="true" noCompressionForProxies="false" noCompressionForRange="false">
CMS-XML MAC: Firefox: Dialogs are browser-modal
If you open a work item (story, etc), the popup window becomes the active window and you no longer have access the main window . So, if you use Firefox for email and for AOD, this is a big problem. This is not a big deal on Windows.
CMS-XML How do I edit Stories?
Click on the name of the story. This will open the Story Summary window .
CMS-XML Sometimes get two login screens after a timeout
You will see the double login if your session times out and then you click a story. The first login is for story popup window and second login is for the main AOD window . If your session times out and you click a different backlog/project/view, you will only get 1 login screen.
CMS-XML Login failed unable to connect to the database using Agile Administrator
The problem was traced to the Windows Firewall. Once this was disabled (the company concerned had another firewall in use) the connection could be made with no further problems.
CMS-XML Unexpected script error while opening Search this._logTypes.length
Possible to continue working with Search after clicking Yes. Also after clicking Yes of script error, then click on search button within window -the same error appears. Expected Result: No error should appear Reproduces only in IE Reproduces only if login under Aodadmin or Peadmin CNR under simple user
CMS-XML New Project Wizard not usable in Firefox with Min. supported monitor resolution.
1024 x 768; 1280 x 1024 (recommended) If you have your monitor in 1024 x 768 which is the minimum you can't use Firefox and use the New Project Wizard. If you try to use the wizard at that resolution you can't press the next or finish buttons and you can't resize the window .
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