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CMS-XML Displaying New/Edit dialog should set focus on first field
When you create or edit a new sprint/story/epic, the first field on the form should be active by defaul.
CMS-XML How to add a new attribute to a view
Add the new attribute to the form :
CMS-XML Document view does not work correctly when added to a story
If you add the Document Store control to a form for Story, the form does not work correctly.
CMS-XML How does the My Work view work using the "My Work List" widget. Why does it show items I don't own?
The My Work module that by default shows on the Home tab in Agile uses the "My Work List" widget. That widget is hard coded to show items where you are set to any of the following attributes .
CMS-XML "Name" field and "Description" fields are not available on the Feature work item
In View Designer, neither the Name field nor the Description field are listed in the Attributes list. In the Types Setup tab and the Work Types sub-tab, neither Name nor Description are listed as available fields for the Feature work item.
CMS-XML The form you are trying to access has been removed, and is no longer available.
Go to the Attribute Setup screen and on the Lists option create a new list called My Status Add three list items like "Normal" "On Hold" "Blocked" or whatever you want. Go to the Attribute list and find the Status attribute.
CMS-XML "The form you are trying to access has been removed, and is no longer available" PESObjectNotFoundException if cardwall source is deleted.
When prompted for which view to use pick the first one which is a single window. In the "Widgets" area drag a Card Wall widget to the right side. Compare the Properties settings for the new Card Wall widget with those on the original form and save your changes.
CMS-XML What do the fields do on the Integration Settings tab in Agile?
“sbm_Server” is value of “SBM Server” field in the web form “webServicePath” is value of “Web Service Path” field in web form . For test connection in Agile uses GetUser web method.
CMS-XML How can I assign user stories to a developer?
In the Sprint Backlog view, I want to be able to assign resources in the Development Owner field of a Story. But, I cannot view or select the list in the Development Owner dropdown field .
CMS-XML Unable to use database, if the database was created via Agile Administration tool
2. Click New button 3. Fill all required fields , click OK 4. Open browser, connect to the DB that wasjust created
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