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CMS-XML The Orchestration Engine cannot send the Web service request at Service step SAC_GetMapRecordForProductAndRelease with Agile Connector
You may see an error like this in the Composer Log Viewer after deploying and running the Agile Connector mashup.
CMS-XML Calling webservice call PESWebConfig/GetServicesDBConnectionsAsXml in webapp.log
This error is caused by the Notification and Scheduler services pinging the Agile server every minute for updates. It's calling the GetServicesDBConnectionsAsXMml method which takes "Token" as a parameter but isn't a required parameter. When the token isn't filled in you still get results back but you also get this error in the webapp.log
CMS-XML Get this error in Orchestration Workflow log from Agile to SBM integration "Unable to find selection operand value: XXX"
Get this error in Orchestration Workflow log from Agile to SBM integration "Unable to find selection operand value: XXX"
CMS-XML Why can't I login to my On Demand product?
When logging into my On Demand product, I enter my User Name and Password and I get a message stating: "Invalid Username or Password. Please resubmit credentials"
CMS-XML Event viewer gives error "Fatal WebException occured with status: SendFailure"
Several times per second, the event viewer application log gives error:
CMS-XML Slow performance on the Planning view when drag and drop from one side to other
Steps to Reproduce: 1) Log into the accelator database with the test data on the production on-demand server. 2) Go to the Planning module, Planning tab.
CMS-XML Error upon login "Cannot find column [id]"
The root cause of this issue was the Language Locale settings in set in the user's browser that was causing this error and preventing logging into Agile On Demand.
CMS-XML How can you make Agile not check the browser version you're using to login with?
The following change will cause users logged into Agile to be kicked out of their session and be forced to login again so make this change in off hours. Open the web.config file in the following default install folder. C:\Program Files\Serena\Agile Planner\Agile\web.config
CMS-XML When trying to create or delete a work item you get Backlog Name (xxx) has been modified since last retrieval and item won't create or delete.
You may start to get this error after changing the Date and Time settings or Time Zone settings on either the Agile server or the Database server if the two boxes are different. In order to fix this run the following sql statement against the Agile database and log back into Agile and try the create or delete again. update PES_Object set obj_LastChange = GETDATE()
CMS-XML Failed login attempt with LDAP authentication causes two tries for each login.
If it's 3 attempts. Try logging into Agile twice and then look at your account in the active directory and it will be locked out. Unfortunately you can't tell from Agile that your NT account is locked out because you just keep getting the error that the password was wrong.
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