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CMS-XML Can't schedule User Synchronization with security providers like ldap, ad.
How this works in Mariner is in the sheduled services area in the UI there is a plugin called User Synchronization and you can setup a scheduled job to synch your ldap users. This scheduled plugin doesn't exist anymore so consequently you can't synch ldap users. Not sure if this is by design or not but we either need the plugin to be available or remove the option to "Use in Synchronization" from the Manage Providers screen for LDAP , AD and Windows as it's confusing.
CMS-XML Importing Active Directory users into Agile on Premise shows all users as active
3. Set the server to "" 4. Set the filter to "(Memberof=CN=Mariner Users ,OU=Serena Groups ,DC=serena,DC=com)" 5. Save the changes and then click the import users and import from the active directory provider you created.
CMS-XML Failed login attempt with LDAP authentication causes two tries for each login.
If you have ldap authentication setup and attempt to login as one of the ldap users with a bad password then agile makes two attempts to connect and causes the users account to be locked out in Active Directory before the domain group policies limit. In other words if your group policy says accounts should be locked out after 3 failed attempts you will actually get locked out if you put in the wrong password in Agile just twice because it tries 2 times for each, so four tries with just two failed attempts.
CMS-XML Resources tab in Roles area should be removed.
If you look in the System Settings area where you define the Role permissions there is a tab for Resources. This tab should be removed from the UI. For one we don't use the resources module and for two even if you give a group /role every one of the permissions in the Resource tab and the users logs in they still don't see the Resources module.
CMS-XML Picker tree doesn't draw correctly when user doesn't have permission to root.
Remove permissions for a group at the root level in the tree. Then login as that user and click the browse button in any of the release pickers. Notice the tree looks real bad and if there are lots of item may scroll off the screen.
CMS-XML Can create/edit/delete epics/stories/tasks in backlog without Edit Backlog perms
3) Make sure the Team Memeber group has only the Team Member role. 4) Create a user who is only in the Team Member group . 5) Setup permissions as:
CMS-XML How to manually uninstall Agile
Delete the following registry folder: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Installer\Products\062AF94D598181448BE5C22 AD 2EB78C6 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Services\AODNotificationService
CMS-XML Users are not automatically added as a Resource
New users should automatically be added as a Resource. ALSO, the "add new users as a resource" option should be removed from the UI. This option should be turned on and removed from the UI so users do not turn it off by mistake.
CMS-XML Why don't some users receive the "Welcome" e-mail?
When adding a bulk group of users , some of the users do not receive the "Welcome" e-mail.
CMS-XML How can I assign user stories to a developer?
The user and/or group must be setup in the Administration module on the Users and Security view. Users must be assigned either a role or added to a group that has appropriate permissions. To better manage permissions for large numbers of users , it is recommended you do so by adding users to groups that are setup with the appropriate role.
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