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CMS-XML Drag and drop to change rank is very difficult
In each of the backlog views, you can drag items up and down to change the rank order. If you need to drag up more than a few rows, the scroll bar zooms all the way to the top. It is very difficult to scroll up just a little bit at a time.
CMS-XML Drag and drop of multiple stories in an Epic does not always move all of the stories
With all stories selected in an epic, drag them to a release. Notice that only one of them are moved instead of all selected items.
CMS-XML Slow performance on the Planning view when drag and drop from one side to other
5) Drag a story from the left to the right. Notice that the view refreshes.
CMS-XML Sprint and Team fields are not cleared out when Work Item is moved out of Sprint
2. Using Agile, drag and drop the Work Item from a Release to a Sprint. In SBM, the item is updated with the correct Sprint and Team.
CMS-XML How can I add/move an existing story to an existing epic?
The easiest way to move a story to an existing epic is from the Backlog or Planning tabs of the Planning view. Click the "Show All" button to show all of the stories and Epics. Then, simply drag and drop the stories into different epics as needed.
CMS-XML How can I use javascript to get the value of a drop down select list on a form?
How can I use javascript to get the value of a drop down select list on a form?
CMS-XML Filter setup on new module not saving
In Setting-> config -> Module Designer, create a new module and drop the List Widget onto the form. In the Properties section, click on Default Grid Settings and created a filter. Once you create a filter and click on Save All, it doesn't save the filter.
CMS-XML Unable to resolve CMNDD019E / SQLCODE - 104 issued by CMNDB2DD.
CMNDD019E Bad SQL code returned from processing the generated drop sentence, SQLCA messages follow. DSNT408I SQLCODE = -104, ERROR: ILLEGAL SYMBOL "". SOME SYMBOLS THAT MIGHT BE LEGAL ARE: <ERR_STMT> <WNG_STMT> GET SQL SAVEPOINT HOLD FREE ASSOCIATE CALL
CMS-XML Planning view doesn't refresh when multi select stories to rank order.
In order to work around this, the customer goes to Planning view and chooses the same sprint/release/etc on the left and right sides. The left side lets you multi select, and then you can drag items to the right, changing the rank order. It looks like this works and seems to change the rank value, but the screens don't refresh to show the new ranked order.
CMS-XML Multi select actions don't always save the selected items after switching views
3. Open the epics and using the control key multi select 4 or 5 items. Drag them over to the Alpha backlog.
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