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CMS-XML Importing Active Directory users into Agile on Premise shows all users as active
1. Create a Active Directory provider in the admin tool 2. Set the "Authentication Type" to Active Directory 3. Set the server to ""
CMS-XML Why don't some users receive the "Welcome" e-mail?
Verify that the user has been setup properly in the Administration Module | Users and Security | Users. The user must be marked as an ' Active ' user , and the email address must be valid.
CMS-XML Try to delete default users in AOD and get error "still assigned to resources"
Can't delete the default users (e.g. Executive Edward)? Everytime I try to delete them, it states that they are still assigned to resources. A workaround for this would be to just rename the default users to one of your own users and mark the user as active .
CMS-XML Some users get email notifications while others do not
Have the user login and check under Tools | Define Notifications. They will only get notifications on items that are marked as active .
CMS-XML New user isn't in the dropdown or multi-select user lists
1) Delete the user that gave the license error. 2) Delete a different active user or make change another user to be inactive. 3) Re-add the new user that gave the license error earlier.
CMS-XML How do I create New Users in Agile On Demand?
must be "licensed" to log in -- check the license box in the Licenses section at the bottom of the Users tab must be set to " active " to log in -- check the " Active " box in the User Properties section (done by default for a new account) creating a user account does not create a corresponding resource
CMS-XML Failed login attempt with LDAP authentication causes two tries for each login.
If you have ldap authentication setup and attempt to login as one of the ldap users with a bad password then agile makes two attempts to connect and causes the users account to be locked out in Active Directory before the domain group policies limit. In other words if your group policy says accounts should be locked out after 3 failed attempts you will actually get locked out if you put in the wrong password in Agile just twice because it tries 2 times for each, so four tries with just two failed attempts.
CMS-XML MAC: Firefox: Dialogs are browser-modal
If you open a work item (story, etc), the popup window becomes the active window and you no longer have access the main window. So, if you use Firefox for email and for AOD, this is a big problem. This is not a big deal on Windows.
CMS-XML Displaying New/Edit dialog should set focus on first field
When you create or edit a new sprint/story/epic, the first field on the form should be active by defaul.
CMS-XML Get "Page not found" error in Agile clicking on the Feedback button, Support Forum or Product Blog links under Help.
Update it to: <add key="AOD_PRODUCT_BLOG_URL" value=" active &amp;style=updates " /> Close and save your changes
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