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CMS-XML Filter setup on new module not saving
In Setting-> config -> Module Designer, create a new module and drop the List Widget onto the form. In the Properties section, click on Default Grid Settings and created a filter. Once you create a filter and click on Save All, it doesn't save the filter.
CMS-XML Understanding Mariner Security and Global / Administrative Roles
To secure an investment, go to the investment properties page and assign Users and groups to the non-administrator security role. To secure a resource team, go to the resource team properties page and assign users and groups to non-administrator security role.
CMS-XML Release ID isn't set for tasks created from Taskboard
5. Add task using Taskboard to user story 6. Open task and navigate to " Properties " tab Expected result:
CMS-XML User fields don't render when IE zoom level set above 100%
2. What are the steps to reproduce the problem? In IE open the properties of a story etc. Look for a field that has a user drop down like Owner. Now set the zoom in IE to anything above 100% and notice just the drop down lists for users don't render correctly.
CMS-XML How can I use javascript to get the value of a drop down select list on a form?
// The value for the ctlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx is the list controls system value and can be copied from the properties screen when the list control is selected. var i=0;
CMS-XML Mariner/PPM and Agile install fails on Windows 2008
In the IIS Manager area on Windows 2008 look in the properties section of the Root Web Server and look at the Bindings section. In one scenario there were multiple protocols being used for the bindings. After we removed all the protocols except for the HTTP protocol the install finished correctly.
CMS-XML How does the URL get created in Agile to SBM integration when using the __URL__ ( SBM Link ) attributes?
If you open the SBM System Administrator and drill down to the following location: Options | Manage Services | Notification Server | Properties | Options Tab. In the Web Server box of the Link Settings control this is where the server name and port are created from in the SBM Link.
CMS-XML How do I create New Users in Agile On Demand?
click the "New" button (green ball) on the toolbar enter User Properties (email, etc.) check the license box in the Licenses section
CMS-XML Error: "Could not add database connection." Manually editing web.config prompts to "save as"
Mariner/PPM: C:\Program Files\Serena\PPM\Mariner\web.config Agile: C:\Program Files\Serena\Agile\Agile\web.config Open the properties of this file and click on the Security tab
CMS-XML "The form you are trying to access has been removed, and is no longer available" PESObjectNotFoundException if cardwall source is deleted.
In the "Widgets" area drag a Card Wall widget to the right side. Compare the Properties settings for the new Card Wall widget with those on the original form and save your changes. Go back to the Tracking module and verify that the new card wall shows up and you can then go back to the module designer and delete the original form.
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