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CMS-XML Agile Integration to SBM troubleshooting and research findings.
A. If you use the Windows Firewall or another firewall between the two computers you will need to enable port 8085 or the ssl port for BPEL Server (JBPM). If these ports are restricted you could see errors in the Agile webapp.log file like the following.
CMS-XML Exporting Excel Document from a Report Creates a Corrupt Document
There is no current limitation on the amount of text users may enter into a Mariner text attribute. However, when a report is run that is based on the attribute with large amounts of text, the Excel file is corrupted because the content exceeds the SQL Report Services 2000 (SRS) limit of 4060 characters for exporting text into an Excel cell.
CMS-XML Failed login attempt with LDAP authentication causes two tries for each login.
If you have ldap authentication setup and attempt to login as one of the ldap users with a bad password then agile makes two attempts to connect and causes the users account to be locked out in Active Directory before the domain group policies limit . In other words if your group policy says accounts should be locked out after 3 failed attempts you will actually get locked out if you put in the wrong password in Agile just twice because it tries 2 times for each, so four tries with just two failed attempts.
MS-EXCEL AOD Supported Platform Matrix.xls
English AOD.1.0 Limitation AOD Browser:
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
Setup a very simple notification definition that will send an email to your normal login user (not peadmin/aodadmin). Make sure the notification is very simple, such as one that fires every time a project (or story) is updated. Also, make sure it is very generic without any filters or restrictions .
MS-EXCEL Agile On Demand 2009 R3 Supported Platform Matrix.xls
English AOD 2009 R3 Limitation AOD Browser:

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