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CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the product releases with their supported client-side and server-side information , including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths . To navigate to this page:
CMS-XML Project module gives "PESObjectNotFoundException", other modules give "The item that you requested could not be found"
Run the following script and replace XXXX with the obj_ UID of the Product /Project returned in the first query. In the error above 42000 would be XXXX.
CMS-XML Using SBM to Agile report mover you get an error "All Items" was not created because: Creating or Mapping Agile Work Items failed.
You will get this error if you try to move an SBM item with the report mover with a Sprint selected on the Right side of the screen as the target in the drop down. The purpose of the report mover tool is to move items into Product Backlogs, Release Backlogs or Backlogs under a Product and not straight into a Sprint. After moving the items to one of these backlogs you would then use Agile to put the items into Sprints.
CMS-XML Multi select actions don't always save the selected items after switching views
You will notice that not all are selected. Only some of the items which loosely lines up with what you moved from Alpha to Product are selected.
CMS-XML Environment information in the Help dialogs reference "Mariner"
By clicking on "Help" and viewing the Environment information, customers will see references to Mariner in the product. This needs to be updated to the current product branding
CMS-XML Agile Integration to SBM troubleshooting and research findings.
A: By default not every item created in SBM creates a corresponding item in Agile. You have to use the "Fix" transition on the SBM item and fill in the appropriate Release and Product fields and then the item should get created in Agile. The item type chosen in the IDM workflow controls whether certain items get created in Agile as well.
CMS-XML Agile On Demand Supported Platform Matrix
The attached file is the Agile on-demand platform matrix. This document outlines the supported client-side platform information , including supported operating systems, browsers, third party plug-ins, Serena product integrations, and character sets.
CMS-XML How can I assign user stories to a developer?
The following information is intended for the Agile On Demand product Administrator:
CMS-XML Can create/edit/delete epics/stories/tasks in backlog without Edit Backlog perms
7) Go to the Backlog view for the Shop Online Product . Notice that you cannot add/edit/delete work items .
CMS-XML About deleting users from Mariner/PPM or Agile Planner
If you were to delete a user, the values on the financial views would be changed, task plans actuals would be changed, and work items would give unexpected behavior. Also, the corresponding relationships with that user (for example, the Product Owner, Dev Owner, etc) would be lost. Instead, you should make the users inactive, which frees up their license while retaining the associated data .
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