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Article Support Platform Matrix for Serena Products
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the supported client-side and server-side information, including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, Serena product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths.
CMS-XML When trying to create or delete a work item you get Backlog Name (xxx) has been modified since last retrieval and item won't create or delete.
You may start to get this error after changing the Date and Time settings or Time Zone settings on either the Agile server or the Database server if the two boxes are different. In order to fix this run the following sql statement against the Agile database and log back into Agile and try the create or delete again. update PES_Object set obj_LastChange = GETDATE()
MS-EXCEL AOD Supported Platform Matrix.xls
The supported platform matrix is divided into several worksheets, each designed to give an appropriate level of detail. The " Server OS " worksheet describes the Server operating systems (N/A for On Demand products) The "Client OS" worksheet describes the Client operating systems
CMS-XML How does the URL get created in Agile to SBM integration when using the __URL__ ( SBM Link ) attributes?
Options | Manage Services | Notification Server | Properties | Options Tab. In the Web Server box of the Link Settings control this is where the server name and port are created from in the SBM Link. After changes are made to this setting you need to restart IIS for the changes to take affect.
MS-EXCEL Agile 2010 R1 Supported Platform Matrix-Customer.xls
Comments Supported Server OS for AOD Jira Connector Redhat (Fedora 11)
CMS-XML Agile 2010 R2 Hot Fix 1 Release
On the Agile web server : ... <Program Files>\Serena\Agile\Agile\ bin \PacificEdgeSoftware.Common.ObjectServices.dll <Program Files>\Serena\Agile\Agile\ bin \PacificEdgeSoftware.PESWebservices.Utilities.dll <Program Files>\Serena\Agile\Agile\ bin \PacificEdgeSoftware.Products.PortfolioEdge.PESWebUI.dll ... On the Agile Documents server : ... <Program Files>\Serena\Agile\Documents Manager\ bin \PacificEdgeSoftware.Common.ObjectServices.dll
CMS-XML Mariner/PPM and Agile install fails on Windows 2008
During install of Mariner/PPM or Agile on Windows 2008 box you may see any of the following: ... The web server option during the install is blank
CMS-XML Importing Active Directory users into Agile on Premise shows all users as active
All the users will be in the list and when you click on each one the Active box is checked giving the impression they are using a license. ... 3. Set the server to ""
CMS-XML Agile Integration to SBM troubleshooting and research findings.
Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server ... A. The test connection button doesn't test the Mashup Endpoint validity, it only tests the sbm username, password server settings. ... Q. If Agile is installed on a different box than SBM is there anything special that needs to be done so the two talk? ... A. If you use the Windows Firewall or another firewall between the two computers you will need to enable port 8085 or the ssl port for BPEL Server (JBPM). ... Exception: Unable to connect to the remote server
CMS-XML Troubleshooting Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) Problems or Notification sending problems.
Verify that the "Enable Email Notifications" box is checked on the Setup | Configuration | Environment Settings | Notification Settings screen. The SMTP server and port must be valid on the Setup | Configuration | Environment Settings | Notification Settings screen.
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