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CMS-XML The form you are trying to access has been removed, and is no longer available.
The form you are trying to access has been removed, and is no longer available.
CMS-XML Error 1334 mariner2008_data_access_repo when installing agile ole db provider.
Error 1334 mariner2008_data_ access _repo when installing agile ole db provider.
CMS-XML MAC: Firefox: Dialogs are browser-modal
If you open a work item (story, etc), the popup window becomes the active window and you no longer have access the main window. So, if you use Firefox for email and for AOD, this is a big problem. This is not a big deal on Windows.
CMS-XML Why can I only see the Projects module?
I have just been added to Agile On Demand, and I'm logging in for the first time today. When I login, the only view I can access is the Projects view. Why can't I see anything other than the Projects module?
CMS-XML Get "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error using Mariner on Demand or Agile on Demand.
Serena Mariner on Demand and Agile on Demand require SSL 3.0 or TSL 1.0 in order to access the website. By default Internet Explorer 6 and 7 have these encryption algorithms enabled. If SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 are disabled you will see a message that says "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" instead of the login page.
CMS-XML Understanding Mariner Security and Global / Administrative Roles
Mariner security roles are also referred to as non-administrator roles. They are used to secure access to the investment and resource trees in each corresponding module of the user interface. These roles determine to which portfolios the user will have access.
CMS-XML Error attempting to create a database connection with new Agile on Premise install
This was a problem with access permissions. Once access was granted on the Agile folder structure to the user performing the operation the database connection worked.
CMS-XML How Do I Add Personal Vacation Time?
The personal calendar for other users may be changed in the Resources module in the Resource Pool view. However, only a user with Administrator rights may access these views. If you do not have Admin rights, then you will not see the Workspace or Resource modules. You should then contact your Agile On Demand product Administrator to ask that they set your Personal Calendar accordingly.
CMS-XML How can I assign user stories to a developer?
Most likely you are added to a role or a group(s) that does not have access to any of the resource teams. Therefore, you will not be able to assign resources in user stories. If you are required to assign resources in user stories, then you must be added to the appropriate role or group that has permissions to the resource teams for which you will make assignments. You
CMS-XML Browser flashes and nothing happens when click Print, click Save, or try to view a file
If you try one of these actions, your browser may flash but nothing happens. Or, you may get an " Access Denied" error. This document describes how to fix this problem.
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