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CMS-XML Execution '...' cannot be found (rsExecutionNotFound) when running a Mariner report
When trying to run a report from Mariner or from the Report Manager, an error of the form: "Execution '...' cannot be found (rsExecutionNotFound)" occurs. The same error occurs if the report is run from within Mariner or directly from Report Manager. The log.txt file is not being written to the REPORTING
CMS-XML How to test a SOAP web service call from the server
2. Use the VB Script to test the web service call. It then writes the result of the call to a file, so that we can see what is happening in the connection.
CMS-XML Password Strength Policy (Mariner 2008 R3 and later)
On the Password Policy tab, choose the password strength. Click Save . To modify the password strength policy (Mariner 2008 R3):
CMS-XML Adobe Reader could not open "filename.pdf" because it is either not supported or because the file has been damaged
Create a new text file in the C:\Inetpub\Adminscripts folder called createprint.vbs. Paste the following code in the file and save the changes.
MS-EXCEL ADM On Demand Supported Platform Matrix.xls
U R&D believes the platform might not function normally and will NOT fix defects against the platform. NOTE: Any platform not listed is unsupported.
CMS-XML Client-side browser requirements
Mariner, Agile on demand, and Application Development Management use an ActiveX control and MSXML for much of the UI. If ActiveX is not enabled or MSXML is not installed, you will experience any number of the following issues. This is not a complete list , but it gives an example of some of the types of issues that occur.
CMS-XML When logging into Mariner, user has error "Logon Failed: Unable to connect to database"
The database connection information is not correct. To verify this information, check the PPM\Mariner\web.config file. The connections are listed at the bottom.
CMS-XML Unable to execute a command line using Ext.CmdLineWait() function
While testing implementation, it is good practice to have CmdLineWait() call a batch file. From the batch file, it is possible to setup the command line environment, PATH and other variables and output DOS error messages to a text file. This will give you much more visibility in terms of errors.

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