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CMS-XML Why can't I login to my On Demand product?
If the above steps do not resolve the login issue or you are logging in for the first time you will need to check with your On Demand product Administrator to confirm whether you have been setup properly. The following steps are for your On Demand Administrator to use to determine a users email notification setup within the On Demand Application.
CMS-XML Unable to find new items in Work Center search
Re-indexing time can vary based upon how many items you have as well as how many attachments you have. It is recommended to do this at the end of the day so full search functionality is restored by the next day.
CMS-XML IE hangs and never responds, or IE freezes for a long time and then the Mariner login screen appears
Users are actively working in Mariner when IE will suddenly stop responding. Sometimes the browser will hang and the Internet Explorer process will need to be stopped via Task Manager on the client. Other times, after a freeze time of three or four minutes, the browser will refresh itself and take the user back to the Mariner login screen.
CMS-XML Client-side browser requirements
Task plan still showing tasks that have been deleted Task pan showing old dates that have been changed Resource teams may not show the correct list of team members
CMS-XML Internet Explorer randomly hangs and/or the reports can no longer be run, and IIS must be reset
Note the date and time of when you first notice the problem.
CMS-XML How to test a SOAP web service call from the server
At various times , it is necessary to test connectivity to a SOAP web service from your SBM server. Internally, SBM makes web service calls to itself. SBM Orchestrations often will call the Application Engine web services, but will also make web service calls to third party tools.
CMS-XML Execution '...' cannot be found (rsExecutionNotFound) when running a Mariner report
The time on the SQL Server housing the reporting services databases is more than one minute out of synchronization from the SQL Reporting Services server. The report being run is sufficiently complex as to take more time to complete than SQL Reporting Services allows in its timeout setting.
CMS-XML Unable to execute a command line using Ext.CmdLineWait() function
From the batch file, it is possible to setup the command line environment, PATH and other variables and output DOS error messages to a text file. This will give you much more visibility in terms of errors. It is neither recommended or frowned upon to continue to use a batch file in production.

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