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CMS-XML How to test a SOAP web service call from the server
Open PowerShell on the server. Change directories to the same directory that the request.xml is located. Type each line and press enter into Powershell. Be sure to set the URL server name to your server.
CMS-XML Internet Explorer randomly hangs and/or the reports can no longer be run, and IIS must be reset
If you are running Mariner 6.2, separate the Report Server into its own application pool. NOTE
CMS-XML Error "No connection exists for: connection_name" when reset password
PES System Message: at PacificEdgeSoftware.PESWebServices.Utilities.PESDBConnectionSvc.ConvertMarinerInstanceToDBConenctionInfo(UserDirectoryMarinerInstance instance , Boolean useReadOnly) at PacificEdgeSoftware.PESWebServices.Utilities.PESDBConnectionSvc.GetUserDirectoryDBConnectionInfo(String dbTitle, Boolean useReadOnly) at PacificEdgeSoftware.PESWebServices.Utilities.PESDBConnectionSvc.GetDBConnectionInfo(String dbTitle) PES Exception Id:
CMS-XML Adobe Reader could not open "filename.pdf" because it is either not supported or because the file has been damaged
The Mariner "Print" option in the ui creates a PDF document on the server for download. The problem is that if compression is turned on the PDF returned by the download is corrupt. To be able to successfully download a PDF with the Print option, compression must be turned off on the directory from which the PDF is created on the server for download.
CMS-XML IE hangs and never responds, or IE freezes for a long time and then the Mariner login screen appears
Evidence shows that this issue is caused by communication delays between the Mariner server and the client machines, particularly when the Mariner server is being accessed via the Internet. Some customers have found that intensive internet traffic going through one proxy server causes such a situation. In these circumstances of non-optimal load balancing or intense internet traffic, these customers have been able to prevent Mariner browser-hanging issues by directing traffic through a less-used, faster or more powerful proxy server.
CMS-XML Unable to find new items in Work Center search
Get the SSF.Log from [SBM]\common\tomcat\ server \default\logs or [SBM]\common\jboss405\ server \default\log. Review this log for recent activity. If all activity has stopped, and re-indexing from Configurator does not work, we likely need to rebuild the index.
MS-EXCEL ADM On Demand Supported Platform Matrix.xls
should be made to customers regarding this information without appropriate approval from Product Management. The " Server OS" worksheet describes the Server operating systems (N/A for On Demand products) The "Client OS" worksheet describes the Client operating systems
CMS-XML Execution '...' cannot be found (rsExecutionNotFound) when running a Mariner report
The time on the SQL Server housing the reporting services databases is more than one minute out of synchronization from the SQL Reporting Services server . The report being run is sufficiently complex as to take more time to complete than SQL Reporting Services allows in its timeout setting.
CMS-XML Unable to execute a command line using Ext.CmdLineWait() function
Open IIS Manager from Start > Administrative Tools Expand the server and highlight Application Pools Select the DefaultAppPool or gsoap_pool as necessary
CMS-XML Client-side browser requirements
Cache is another key elemete on the client-side. If the browser requests data from the server too often, performance will be slower. If it does not request data enough, it could show outdated information. Below are
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