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CMS-XML Why can't I login to my On Demand product?
e. The "Use SMTP Authentication " option is unchecked (Off) 5.
CMS-XML IE hangs and never responds, or IE freezes for a long time and then the Mariner login screen appears
Evidence shows that this issue is caused by communication delays between the Mariner server and the client machines, particularly when the Mariner server is being accessed via the Internet. Some customers have found that intensive internet traffic going through one proxy server causes such a situation. In these circumstances of non-optimal load balancing or intense internet traffic, these customers have been able to prevent Mariner browser-hanging issues by directing traffic through a less-used, faster or more powerful proxy server.
CMS-XML When logging into Mariner, user has error "Logon Failed: Unable to connect to database"
The SQL login or password have changed. To test this, log into SQL Enterprise Manager with the same login that is given in the web.config file. This will give a better error.
CMS-XML Web Services "[URL_TO_GSOAP sbminternalservices72]" returned an error
When some users attempt to login via SSO, they receive the following error: Web Services "[URL_TO_GSOAP sbminternalservices72]" returned an error: "java.lang.illegalArumentException". The SSO-IDP.log shows the same error.
CMS-XML Understanding Mariner Security and Global / Administrative Roles
Mariner security roles are also referred to as non-administrator roles. They are used to secure access to the investment and resource trees in each corresponding module of the user interface. These roles determine to which portfolios the user will have access.
CMS-XML Client-side browser requirements
Message: A script is accessing some software (an ActiveX control) on this page which has been marked safe for scripting. Do you want to allow this?
CMS-XML Unable to execute a command line using Ext.CmdLineWait() function
Scroll down to Process Model and select Identity to the user that your command line commands are running as. If your app script / command line need access to a network resource, you will need to use a domain user account as the application pool identity. Best Troubleshooting Practice
CMS-XML Internet Explorer randomly hangs and/or the reports can no longer be run, and IIS must be reset
Open a browser and go to: http://servername/Mariner/hellomariner.aspx . (Be sure to replace “servername” with the name of your Mariner application server.) Are you prompted for your Mariner login ? If you login, what is returned?
MS-EXCEL ADM On Demand Supported Platform Matrix.xls
Serena ADM 2008 R1 isn't integrated with other Serena products in the traditional sense. It does however enable access to output from other applications that offer URL-addressable output. Serena applications from which output can be displayed are shown below as "supported".
CMS-XML Why didn't I receive the Forgot Password email?
I never received the "Forgot Password" email although I clicked the "Forgot Password" option at the bottom of the On Demand product Log On dialog.
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