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CMS-XML Adobe Reader could not open "filename.pdf" because it is either not supported or because the file has been damaged
Adobe Reader could not open "filename.pdf" because it is either not supported or because the file has been damaged
CMS-XML Application Development Management (ADM) On Demand Supported Platform Matrix
The attached file is the ADM on-demand platform matrix. This document outlines the supported client-side platform information, including supported operating systems, browsers, third party plug-ins, Serena product integrations, and character sets.
CMS-XML Exporting Excel Document from a Report Creates a Corrupt Document
There is no current limitation on the amount of text users may enter into a Mariner text attribute. However, when a report is run that is based on the attribute with large amounts of text, the Excel file is corrupted because the content exceeds the SQL Report Services 2000 (SRS) limit of 4060 characters for exporting text into an Excel cell.
CMS-XML Execution '...' cannot be found (rsExecutionNotFound) when running a Mariner report
When trying to run a report from Mariner or from the Report Manager, an error of the form: "Execution '...' cannot be found (rsExecutionNotFound)" occurs. The same error occurs if the report is run from within Mariner or directly from Report Manager. The log.txt file is not being written to the REPORTING
CMS-XML How to test a SOAP web service call from the server
2. Use the VB Script to test the web service call. It then writes the result of the call to a file , so that we can see what is happening in the connection.
CMS-XML Internet Explorer randomly hangs and/or the reports can no longer be run, and IIS must be reset
On the Mariner web server, create a file called “hello.html” in the root of the IIS web server. By default, this folder is C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\. The file should contain the following code:
CMS-XML Password Strength Policy (Mariner 2008 R3 and later)
Navigate to the Mariner\Mariner folder. By default, this is located at (C:\Program Files \Serena\Mariner\Mariner)
CMS-XML Unable to find new items in Work Center search
Look at the Indexer Directory Path located in the Configurator under the Common Services section. Browse to this directory and delete all files within it. Click the "Re-Index" button back in Configurator.
CMS-XML Unable to execute a command line using Ext.CmdLineWait() function
The argument passed to CmdLineWait() must contain no spaces. Ensure that the path to the execute does not contain spaces or uses the 8.3 naming convention with regard to spaces, e.g., 'Program Files ' should be writen as 'Progra~1'.
CMS-XML Client-side browser requirements
Look in the system32 directory (for example C:\winnt\system32) for the file 'msxml4.dll'.
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