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CMS-XML Error coccured during web service invocation:Response failed...
In Business Mashups, when performing a Transition with a web service associated, you may receive the above error message. The full error message would be similar to:
CMS-XML How can I get a C# web service program to work with NT Challenge Response?
If you would like to communicate to TeamTrack using Web Services but are using NT Challenge Response (NTLM) for authentication. And have also setup the gsoap virtual directory to use NTLM (otherwise there would be a security hole, since non-authenticated users would be able to execute web services programs on the TT database with only a valid loginid and no password).
CMS-XML Calling out to webservices intermittantly gets no response - it times out
If calling out to web services intermittantly gets no response then the timeout parameter can be increased.
CMS-XML System Parameter to define web service timeout
WebServiceInvocationTimeout in TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS table defines how long TT will wait for a response from a web service . The default is 30 seconds.
CMS-XML Changing the default size limit for files returned by the GetFileField and UpdateFileField Web service and JSON calls
The total size of the response that is returned by the GetFileField and UpdateFileField calls is determined by the FileFieldTotalSizeMax_MB global system setting in the code. The default value is 50MB.
CMS-XML Fault handling from web service calls in orchestrations
When a web service is called from an orchestration the way it will be handled depends on how the webservice responds. If it is regular response , the it will not be caught as a fault. If it is SOAP fault, then it can use a named catch branch
CMS-XML Using the RESTCaller SOAP wrapper utility service but get "No compatible tokens found on the request" in soap response.
Using the RESTCaller SOAP wrapper utility service provided by SBM that enables SBM orchestration workflows to call REST-based Web services you may see the following error in the Common Log instead of the service running as expected. A Web service was invoked at Service step RESTCaller_post, and now the Orchestration Engine is receiving the following message: <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=''>
CMS-XML Release Package gives error "RequestTimeout: The orchestration request was submitted but the server timed out waiting for the response"
When editing a Release Package and attaching a Dimensions Baseline or a ZMF Package, the system make give error: Error occurred during web service invocation: SOAP Fault Code: env:Server
CMS-XML How to get more logging when the SBM GSOAP web service is called
You can use the attached registry keys to enable some very basic logging about the soap request and response that gets sent and received from notifications or other web services. This can be particularly helpful when a soap request or response is too large and gets chopped of in the Common log. This logging will show the entire request and response envelope.
CMS-XML Get Response failed...The handle is invalid in Event Viewer when running an orchestration workflow.
Error occurred during web service invocation: Response failed... The handle is invalid.
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