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MS-WORD S141325-Upgrading to Release Control 6.0 WITHOUT Keeping Old Data.docx
This could be a very complex process and would require extra planning. ... Release Train - wait for the promotion to successfully complete. Approvals - wait for the promotion to successfully complete. Release Train again - wait for the promotion to successfully complete. ... Wait for the promote to complete. ... ttadmin.exe /GenerateViews ... Wait for the promote to complete. ... ttadmin.exe /GenerateViews
CMS-XML Dim12: dmdeploysrv process exists but deployment not working
It often helps to open the control panel -> Services and locate the "Serena Dimensions Listener Service". Change the startup type to "Automatic (delayed)". This will cause the Dimensions listener to wait for startup until other services have completed their startup.
CMS-XML Deployment waiting when deploying to "BPEL Server" or if endpoint verification is on it fails with error similar to ERROR -- The environment endpoint "EventWithReplycff5dee1-ccb3-4fc9-8127-c5145b3a32c5" was not reachable.
This can occur if on the target orchrestration environment there are multiple java.exe running. Please stop IIS and Serena JBOSS and terminate any remaining java.exe (unless they can be attributed to any other legitimate processes that should be running).
CMS-XML DA: How to run DA Component Process on only one resource/agent at a time
Because the resource lock can only be held by one running process at a time, if more than one try to request the lock, the first will get the lock and others will wait . One at a time, each will be granted the resource lock.
CMS-XML What are the Task Manager Process names for Teamtrack running on Windows?
Processes Names - TeamTrack function ttadmin.exe - Process name for the TeamTrack Administrator tool tsbrokersvc.exe - Process name for the TeamTrack Broker Service
CMS-XML SQL to Prevent Database Deadlocks in SQL Server
From SQL Server 2005 to prevent the database deadlocking (in which two or more processes are each waiting for each other to release a resource), execute the following SQL against each database that interacts with Serena Common JBoss (Mashup Manager, Orchestration Engine, and Common Logger)
CMS-XML VM 8.6.2+: PVCS Web Client Agent Initialization hangs at WAITING FOR AGENT CONNECTION
When attempting to connect to VM-I Net 8.6.2 or later, the login process gets stuck at a screen showing: PVCS Web Client Agent Initialization WAITING FOR AGENT CONNECTION
CMS-XML Dim CM 12.2.1: dmemail fails to poll databases for emails to process
A user reported a problem where emails were not being sent out despite notifications being set in the Adminconsole and all necessary configuration changes made. The dmemail.exe process was being correctly started by the Dimensions listener but wasn't processing the emails waiting to be sent out from Dimensions operations. The email_config.dat was verified as being correct and dm.cfg contained the relevant variables with the correct settings.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Post/Wait kernel extension is not installed on this system.
When install Oracle user encounter the following error message and installation aborted. Whne during "create_ora_inst" process : Post/Wait kernel extension is not installed on this system.
CMS-XML MCLG: MVR: Deploy gives "The process has timed out. Adjust properties file if more time is needed."
This timeout is related to running pre or post-deploy commands. Collage can launch an external executable and wait for the response code from the system. The default timeout for this is 2 hours.
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