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CMS-XML Field is set to required but it will display green and not red as it should.
Set field to required but it displays green and not red. Some other required fields on the same form are red as they should be.
CMS-XML Service Desk "Required Date" field in the overview section of the state form is in dd/mm/yyyy format.
When you look at the Overview field in the Service Desk state forms the Required Date value may display in dd/mm/yyyy format. If you would like this to display in mm/dd/yyyy format make the following change in the SRC Starter Pack Forms app.
Users without permissions to update the field will not see this field displayed on the Inet submit form .
CMS-XML About: Understanding Tracker Inet and required fields
If however the field has been made required on a form and the Inet project is correctly configured to use that form but still does not display as required , then most likely the field had previously been placed on the form but only recently made required . It wont show as required until you stop and start the webserver program and login again to your project.
PDF SBM Composer Form Extensions
In other words, the display attribute is a format string describing the event, condition or action, including parameter tags that identify changeable values that will be passed to the implementation. The display attribute is required . The following special parameter tags are supported in the display string.
CMS-XML StartTransition with JSON API is showing a field as Read Only when it can be updated on a form - why?
... can return the field details for the ... "url": "http://JG-SBM-11-3-1:80/workcenter/tmtrack/tmtrack.dll?IssuePage&RecordId=1&Template= view &TableId=1021", ... " required ": false, ... If you find that the readonly is being returned as true when you can update it fine via a custom form then it is possible that the field may be in a section that is not ticked in their User Profile.
CMS-XML Binary/Trinary fields cannot be set to "Required". Form Action "make field required/optional" does not list binary fields. Deploy fails with "failed to validate and cannot be deployed" after an upgrade
... , when a field is required and it is empty, the field displays as red. If the field is required and not empty, the field displays as green. ... /no binalry field called "needs ... ... SBM, my form had a rule ... make Needs Approval field required ". When the form loaded, the ... Needs Approval" field would ALWAYS be ... This is because the "Needs Approval" field will always be yes or no. ... Because the field will always be green, there is no value or benefit to the form to create such an action.
CMS-XML SBM 11+: Creating Query Views for Advanced Reports (SBM Advanced XML Report)
... auxiliary tables ( views ) in the ... ... to generate the views is defined in ... When view generation is invoked ... To implement views , you must ... Generate the views as follows: ... to use this view as an AUX ... Views are also generated ... ... run against a view . ... correct columns to display . ... To promote your views to another environment ... ... for the initial view to get created ... ... copy the query view xml file( ... ... create the custom view in the new ... ... and regenerate the view , you must ... ... environments and regenerate views there as well ... All views must be defined ...
CMS-XML Looping database logon when viewing reports in Project Office Web.
... database logon when viewing reports in Project ... ... when trying to view a report over ... ... report will not display regardless of the ... ... report can be previewed properly in the ... ... The report must display correct data from ... ... ) Have the required NTFS rights been ... ... issues related to viewing reports online. ... and resources when viewing reports over the ... ... permissions in the form of gDomain ... ... permissions in the form of gDomain ... ... Confirm password' fields . ... not have the required rights to access ... ... window will open displaying the users and ... ... Therefore, the required service cannot use ...
CMS-XML Users have the ability to mark a Milestone field as required in Summary View
User can mark Milestone field as required in Summary View RESOLUTION Do not set up a milestone as a required field on the Summary view."
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