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CMS-XML SBM: Rest Grid connecting to ZMF Connector returns error 500
Unknown error received from https://SERVER/sbmproxy/xhp [url: 'http://SERVER:8080/almsernet/services/SernetProxyHttpServer?system= ZMF &hostName=999.999.999.999&hostPortId=8888&responseType=JSON&request=PACKAGE%2FGENERAL%2FSEARCH%2Fpackage%3Dxxxx%2CsearchForDevelopmentStatus%3DY% 2CsearchForFrozenStatus%3DY']
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot the Rest Grid widget when you get "We did not find any matches for your request" instead of results.
SOLUTION: If this rest grid integrates with a ZMF system, see KB S141588 . ADDITIONAL TIPS:
CMS-XML RLM to ZMF integration gives "We did not find any matches for your request (404)" and alm.log gives "Invalid byte 1 of 1-byte UTF-8 sequence"
at com.serena.rlm.provider.zmf.ZMFBaselineProvider.findProjects( ~[com.serena.rlm.provider.zmf-] at ~[com.serena.alm. rest .services-]
CMS-XML ZMF Connector gives error "Invalid element" or "Content is not allowed in prolog" or "Unexpected subelement hostAddress"
at com.serena.rlm.provider.zmf.ZMFBaselineProvider.findBaselines( ~[com.serena.rlm.provider.zmf-] at ~[com.serena.alm. rest .services-]
CMS-XML SBM/RLC is running out of disk space, running out of memory, becomes slow and must be restarted several times a day, ZMF tasks are getting "stuck" at In Progress
In the result, look for the value of "eventNotifyCheckpoint". If the value is not today, continue with the rest of this document. Otherwise, you are experiencing something different, and you should contact support for additional help.
PDF Serena Deployment Automation Guide
You must configure ChangeMan ZMF communication on the z/OS mainframe and on the Deployment Automation server before you use the ChangeMan ZMF plug-in. The rest of the information needed for Deployment Automation to communicate with ChangeMan ZMF is embedded in the Deployment Automation application and component processes, which use the ChangeMan ZMF plug-in.
CMS-XML ZMF Performance Tips + Hints
ZMF Performance Tips + Hints
CMS-XML CMN ZMF Web Services Sample Code
CMN ZMF Web Services Sample Code
CMS-XML Batch connection to CMN ZMF started task
Batch connection to CMN ZMF started task
CMS-XML Installation error during TT4ZMF Installation
Installation error during TT4 ZMF Installation
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