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CMS-XML Dim14: Pulse: What do the different colours mean when the Changeset Graph is displayed
Blue: the changeset is selected and its details are displayed in a pane at the bottom of the graph. Tick (inside a circle or group ): the review was marked as approved. Cross (inside a circle or group): the review was sent for rework.
CMS-XML Dim14: EXPM: Problem when EXPM is done in Dimensions CM and CRDB in
- privileges list is empty, same for email events. - it is not possible to create any new object (user, group , product), user is stuck on the "New" dialog box - also, when taping LPRIV command from dmcli, got the error :
CMS-XML Dim14.2: Admin Console: Unable to perform updates within Admin Console
After upgrading to Dimensions and copying over the previously used web.xml file under the $Tomcat\8.0\webapps\adminconsole\WEB-INF directory, Admin Console will no longer allow updates. This has been seen with adding new users, modifying groups that a user belongs to, updating a lifecycle, etc.
CMS-XML Dim14.3: AdminConsole: The User column on the Role Assignment tab is empty or blank in some cases.
In Dimensions 14.3, we now have the the ability to have roles assigned to a group which has no users assigned. In turn, this will allow for us to remove all users from a group and no longer delete all the role allocations or assignments. This will also aid in managing the roles when assigning or deassigning for groups.
CMS-XML Dim: How to list roles that are assigned to a group
The table RM_USERS tracks specific roles that have been assigned to users. If the role is granted as a result of a group then the column GROUP_UID will have a non-zero value. Therefore, to get the list of roles that area assigned to a particular group you would query the group_catalogue table to get the group_uid of interest, then select role from rm_users where group_uid = (the group uid of interest) and filter this down to only distinct values of role.
CMS-XML Dim12: Is there a way to list the users or members within a group?
The command of LGRP will provide a list of groups and the users within. The formatting of this command can provide undesired results by placing the group name and description on different lines.
CMS-XML Dim12: Adding a user to a group gives error: ORA-24337: statement handle not prepared
When adding a user to an existing group , get error: Dimensions> agrpu SMITH /GROUPS=TESTING /ADD DBI0004527E DBIO: Database I/O error occurred
CMS-XML Dim 2009R2: You are not to delete group because it is granted to one or more privileges, no privileges appear in Admin Console
While trying to delete a user group in the Admin console, the following error occurs: COR2800001E You are not allowed to delete group '<groupname>' because it is granted to one or more privileges However the admin console shows no privileges as being assigned to the group.
CMS-XML Dim12: Web Client: Not all baseline templates are available when attempting to create a new baseline.
There has been a modification to the Web Client's (only) New Baseline dialog to ensure that only baseline templates that could work are displayed (those baseline templates that incorporate item types or item type groups that reference item types not in the current product will be omitted from the list ).
CMS-XML DIM2009R2: Copy User Account Function
To help create groups , the control plan report (RPCP) can be used to provide details on the list all of all the role assignments currently given to users.
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