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The difference is in the user validation. Instead of checking the login information against TeamTrack user records, a connection will be made to LDAP server and the login credentials are checked . The response from the LDAP server will tell TeamTrack if this is a valid user and if so, the corresponding TeamTrack user record, i.e. the user record with the same user name, will be loaded.
CMS-XML MCLG: Troubleshooting and configuration tips for setting up LDAP/Active Directory
LDAP Protocol: ... try to use LDAP over SSL, ... Certificate for SSL Connections ". LDAP Referral: ... you are using Active Directory , this option ... LDAP User Naming Attribute ... ... you are using Active Directory , this option ... LDAP Cache Enabled: LDAP Group Filter: When using Active Directory , this is ... Other LDAP servers often need ... LDAP User Filter: When troubleshooting LDAP issues, it ... Install Softerra's LDAP Browser ... offers a free LDAP browser which is ... ... server-side LDAP settings using this ... ... and view the LDAP configuration. The LDAP browser can be ...
CMS-XML How to set up RM to authenticate users using LDAP through SSL.
... name of your LDAP server. ... used by your LDAP server for SSL ... ... Netscape Certificate Name Check window, and ... ... on setting up LDAP server login) ... ... box to select LDAP as a Login ... ... 9. Select LDAP Servers tab and ... port under New LDAP Server, and ... ... . Select the LDAP Configuration tab and check the “Use ... ... to update the LDAP servers in your ... ... the location of LDAP certificates on either ... 14. Test the connection .
... login source of LDAP , the LDAP Authentication information is ... to validate the connection to the LDAP server. If the LDAP connection cannot be initiated, a warning message is presented to the user. Conversely, when selecting “Apply” or “OK” (after modification) from the LDAP Authentication section of the Configure Project Dialog, the same check will be made. The dialog will not be dismissed until a successful connection to the server is made, or the user chooses to ignore the warning dialog.
CMS-XML SDA: values for debugging LDAP connection issues in SDA
SDA: values for debugging LDAP connection issues in SDA
CMS-XML LDAP Test Connection button gives error "LDAP bind authentication failure. No such object"
After entering all of the LDAP connection information and using the Test Connection button, the system returns an error such as: LDAP bind authentication failure with dc=xxx,dc=com(&(objectClaass=user)( )): 32
CMS-XML / connection to ldaps is failing / OpenSSL error error:140940E5:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:ssl handshake failure
got this error at the SSL layer on the ldap server side : ==
CMS-XML Dim10: LDAP: Failed to connect to Dimensions Server, LDAP: (10) Referrals, PRG4500325E Error: User authentication failed - LDAP search failed, ACL4500326E Error: User authentication failed when connecting to host occurs
2. There is white space after the LDAP_BASE_NAME variable within the dm.cfg. White space can include either extra spaces and/or tabs. To debug this issue: 1. Verify that referrals are working correctly to the LDAP Server and that the connection details are correct using the LDAPSearch utility.
CMS-XML LDAP test authentication is crashing rmManage
In the rmManage tool, if you go into the LDAP configuration and click the "Test Connection " button it crashes the application.
CMS-XML How to ignore erroneous SSL with LDAP errors when certificate appears correct. (Certificate common name does not match the host )
There may be a situation where the ssl certificate being used to make a secure LDAP connection appears to be valid by all accounts yet the test connect still won't work. You may see an error like the following in the Event Viewer as a result.
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