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CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Permissions to perform a remote FI operation on a Unix box
For user file operations, Dimensions makes no attempt to bypass OS permissions. Dimensions will recursively create paths, but you must have search (x) permission on all directories that already exist in that path and write (w) permission on the first directory where Dimensions has to create something. Read permission should not be necessary, but it's advisable because the implementation of the C runtime function getcwd() depends on it on some UNIX platforms.
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:11944-DBA_NET_NOT_ALLOWED DBA operations not permitted with %s defined
Please gather any applicable information from the list below and contact Dimensions Support for help with this error message. What you need to troubleshoot:
CMS-XML SDA: WAS plugin Update step doesn't appear to be performing a Save operation
SDA: WAS plugin Update step doesn't appear to be performing a Save operation
MS-WORD The doc_out tool allows you to run an RTM reporting script from the command line and to generate the output to a variety of formats
-This logs into doc_out and grabs the sss_gen script from the icdemo project and creates an .htm file saved in C:\
CMS-XML Dim: Build: How to define a build that has multiple outputs and allow all the outputs to be captured
A build was defined with a single target that produced multiple outputs . However when the build was run and the option to capture outputs was selected, none of the files that were generated were uploaded back into the Dimensions repository. E.g.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Error: Cannot open command file release_dir>/pcms_release for output
From the Motif Client Guide: GU41.PDF - Chapter 6 - Release Management: Create Release: Constraints. . . Although this operation will place files in the release directory, automatically creating sub-directories if and as required, it will do so only if the operating system where the release directory is located would have permitted you to create such files and sub-directories yourself.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Unable to write file to PCMS_TMP
1) The user has specific permission on the directory where the file is being written - the user will need write permission to the TEMP directory ... already exists - can be caused by a failed extract attempt or a non returned item - delete this file and retry the operation .
CMS-XML Dim12: What is the impact of turning off the "write metadata" option in the preferences of desktop client ?
a) Using metadata does improve performance as it allows Dimensions to optimize the processing of revisions and files that do not need to be updated. ... If you want to use update and deliver for file operations then it is strongly suggested to leave metadata turned on.
CMS-XML Dim14: Listing of Stream or Project Changeset History
There is a new Command-line option with Dimensions 14 which will allow you to review the Stream or Project Changeset History. ... If you would like to see a list of changes since yesterday or just today's changes, you can run the a command of log /F=YESTERDAY or log /F=TODAY. ... Operation completed
CMS-XML KM-Dim10:How to get list of rules that are associated with each privilege?
There is several ways to get list of rule that are associated with each privilege in Dimensions. The lpriv command gives a list of rules that are associated with each privilege. ... It will indicate if it is granted or denied and what rules are applied. In order to identify which privilege checks are used for various operations the following can be set in dm.cfg: ... Grant privilege 712 by rule 9 ... Privilege 310 not granted by any rule
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