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CMS-XML DimCM14.5.2: AdminConsole: Last login date not in Comma-Separated File
DimCM14.5.2: AdminConsole: Last login date not in Comma-Separated File
CMS-XML DimCM14.5.2: AdminConsole: Last login date does not display in the published views
DimCM14.5.2: AdminConsole: Last login date does not display in the published views
CMS-XML DA: Are there any logs of when a user last logged in to DA?
The "created" column of the same table has the action time value. This column is of type “milliseconds since Epoch”.
CMS-XML After restarting IIS it takes an exceptionally long time before any users can login.
This folder should be empty except after first installing one of the Serena Solutions like Request Center, RLM etc. If you haven't installed one of these solutions since the last time you restarted IIS then this folder should be empty. If it's not empty then try stopping IIS and move the contents of the payload folder to a different location and start IIS.
CMS-XML 12.2.x / login to adminconsole or web client => got the error " extr..."
2) When did it appear first time , what was changed (probably JRE updated ), does machine that shows this has access to the internet ? if not just disable OCSP verification (Java Control Panel -> Advanced -> Check for certificate revocation using)
CMS-XML Browser Interface Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.1
71. When calculating Date Only fields on Listing and Mass Transition reports, the calculation results now display in days only. 72. User system reports now display a list of all users in the system, their assigned product-access level, the date they last logged in to TeamTrack, the date their account was created, their telephone number and e-mail address, and any memo text supplied with their account in the TeamTrack Administrator.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions Last Login Date Last Modified
CMS-XML Timesheet details and comments section can not be hidden
In the last releaseof Project Office web, if we did not want to view the eshow detail and comments painf we would click on the exf below on the right had side of the screen and the comments pain would go away and the next time you signed on , it wasnft there which we liked.We can still click on the exf to make the screen go away but the next time you sign on it comes back.
CMS-XML CM 14.X : invoking u141check returns "SQL-1031(12897) ORA-01031: insufficient privileges"
Last Successful login time : Mon Oct 10 2016 09:11:06 +01:00 Connected to: Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
CMS-XML The VM I-Net file appears to be losing user entries. What can cause this to happen?
The file only contains an activity report for the last 30 days, based on the current calendar date. If a user has not logged into VM I-Net for over 30 days, that user will be removed from the list the next time someone logs in (as this causes the list to get updated ).
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