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CMS-XML Run VDIFF on a project or project tree
Run VDIFF on a project or project tree
CMS-XML Error: VM6.5: VDiff licensing error
Error: VM6.5: VDiff licensing error
CMS-XML Problem: VMGUI16 on VDIFF/Possible Archive Corruption
Problem: VMGUI16 on VDIFF /Possible Archive Corruption
CMS-XML Problem: VM6.5: When Running Vdiff on any file archive under NT, returns a GPF.
Problem: VM6.5: When Running Vdiff on any file archive under NT, returns a GPF.
HTML Merant PVCS Version Manager Release Notes
Certain Command-Line Executables Did Not Use the nfsmap File [222505] The nfsmap file was not used by the command-line executables: vcompress, vdel, vdiff , vsql, readdb, and makedb. This has been fixed.
CMS-XML VM6.5: DIF: when using merge tool incorrect differences displayed
When comparing two files the Merge Tool will bring up additional differences that do not appear in other diff tools such as VDIFF or Codewright.
CMS-XML How To: Example of how to capture a return code from VM
Batch file to return to the screen the output of the VDIFF -t command as specified on page 372 of the command line reference guide: VDIF.BAT
CMS-XML How To: A DTK application that runs multiple difference report tests
Please note, this executable is not officially supported by Merant. The VDIFF command allows you to run with a list file, but the list file cannot contain multiple pairs of files to compare. This DTK application will allow you to run against a list file which contains multiple file pairs for comparison. The tool simply runs a test against the two files/archives and reports whether they are different or the same.
CMS-XML DTK: Sample DTK application demonstrating the use of the PvcsReportDifferences function in VB
This function compares two files or revisions and reports the differences between them. It is equivalent to the VDIFF command.
CMS-XML Software Error: PVCS Answerline #728 Ignore Whitespace option onPVCS Difference Rpt in Tracker broken
correct one, is from using the Version Manager vdiff
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