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CMS-XML GetFieldValue (or GetFieldValues) for a relational or sub-relational field does not return correct value when used with AddChangeCallback or onChange ( Video )
In any of these scenarios, you would setup an onChange form action or an AddChangeCallback on the relational field . Then, you would use GetFieldValue (or GetFieldValues) to get the value.The problem is that there is a timing issue with the UI. After the initial relational field is changed, it takes a few milliseconds for the UI to re-drawing.
CMS-XML Accessing Sub-Relational fields via TeamScript
Dim item, fldList, field, subFieldValue Set item = Shell.Item Set fldList = item.Fields()
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 6.1
3. Inactive auxiliary items now behave similarly to disabled field selections. They no longer appear in selection lists and when used to populate relational fields before they were set as inactive, the value displays as "Inactive" on forms .
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 6.1.1
16. SourceBridge now commits information to TeamTrack after it checks the return code from the underlying source code control system. 17. The magnifying glass search mechanism on the Lookup and Report forms now returns results when searching for a value for an independent Relational field and the Auxiliary table for the Relational field is set to enable caching. 18. Users who select the GMT Offset and Honor DST settings in their User Profile no longer have an extra hour added to updated Date/Time fields during Daylight Savings Time.
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 661
Deleted | Deleted | Deleted 69. The bottom of the Item Details frame is no longer clipped when users view items in a new browser window. 70. The Remote Administrator now correctly sets the database field name for new Sub-Relational fields to "unused" instead of the incorrect database field name of " SUB-RELATIONAL :_nnnn:_mmm" (where nnnn is the related table id and mmm is this field id).
S selecting TeamTrack server 14 server, TeamTrack 14 setting resource mappings 25 setup wizard 14 Submit transitions 19 sub-relational fields, mapping 22 subtasks 19 synchronizing tasks 28 T
CMS-XML Error: "We're sorry, you cannot submit a new xxxxxxx Request from this popup window. Please use the Submit button on the application bar."
In this example the name of the Single Relational field is "MySingle" so you would have to change the code and the form action to match yours. The following is the javascript that will be placed into the "execute a JavaScript" action if ( GetFieldValue("MySingle") =="(None)" || GetFieldValue("MySingle") =="" )
CMS-XML How-To get the value of a sub-relational field upon change
Note that when changing a relational field , it takes a few milliseconds to update the subrelational field. Because of this, we need to put a pause in our code so that we get the new value and not the old value. This is done with setTimeout() as below.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... >Usage of sub-relational fields with join ... ... note on this form exceeds the maximum ... Set notification action to 'None ... ... encountered an error value for operand { ... ... has an invalid value : {1 ... Set notification action to 'None ... ... Could not map value < ... ... {0} value of {1 ... ... >Failed to set {0} ... ... } table to set {4} ... ... >Failed to set {0} ... ... to access these values . Current value : {2 ... ... no tile content set for display in ...
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... ) // form caching? -< form name=" ... "post" action ="$ ... + < form + action ="$ ... ... "RedirectTemplate" value ="$ ... ... - begin item form data -- ... n d item form data -- ... form > + ... a completely hidden form for deleting attachments. the attachments value is set and the form submitted in javascript ... -> < form name="StoreForm" action ="$ ...
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