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CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Invalid hostname or hostID errors with FlexLM license files
You will need to follow the steps below. Find out the correct server name where the Flexlm license manager is started. Unix:
CMS-XML SLM (Serena License Manager): No features to serve, exiting. Exiting due to SIGNAL 27 Exit Reason 4
License server started on " hostname " No features to serve, exiting Exiting due to SIGNAL 27 Exit Reason 4
CMS-XML How to fix an SLM server that stopped working after renaming the operating system
11:04:44 (lmgrd) "NewServerName ": Not a valid server hostname , exiting. 11:04:44 (lmgrd) Valid license server system hosts are: "OldServerName
CMS-XML SLM 2.2.0 fails to start merant vendor daemon with EXITING DUE TO SIGNAL 30 Exit reason 7
Make sure there are no problems resolving the hostname , as specified on the SERVER line in the serena.lic file, and make sure that name resolves to the system SLM is running on.
CMS-XML SLM: How to configure SLM (Serena License Manager) and its clients for a redundant server environment
Make sure they match the HOSTID following "this_host". Every license server needs to be able to resolve these names in order to contact the other license servers. You can use IP addresses, but hostnames are typically a better choice.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: Hostname not found in Dimensions database : Winsock Error
Using the FlexLM GUI tools you can check that the license server is accessible. You can also run diagnostics to ensure that licenses can be checked out.
CMS-XML Serena License Manager (SLM) redundancy is not enabled for TT 6.3/ Multiple SLM Servers Usage
Using Multiple SLM servers does work. This is enabled by entering the following in the Host Name field of the License Options in the TeamTrack Administrator.
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Users cannot logon to Dimensions if tertiary license server is down
The problem stems from DM_LICENSE parameter setting in dm.cfg Documentation states that in 3-server redundant SLM configuration the three server hostnames need to be separated by colon (:) This causes the problem. User should use commas (,) to separate the hostnames in this parameter, as follows: DM_LICENSE port@host1,port@host2,port@host3
CMS-XML Serena License Manager 2.1.4 (SLM 2.1.4)
Professional and Tracker Licenses Now Properly Allocated to TeamTrack Users 1.5 SLM Validation Improved 1.7 Character Corruption in Version Manager Windows Client Host Name
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Invalid returned data from license server -12 is received when trying to log into Dimensions
Invalid returned data from License Server -12 is received when trying to log into Dimensions. This error can occur when the incorrect Hostname and/or Host ID are referenced in the license file, serena.lic. To correct this, verify the Hostname and Host ID using the following command from the License Server directories:
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