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CMS-XML Required system fields are by default not Green Italic as per other fields - to change this follow instructions below.
Required system fields are by default not Green Italic as per other fields - to change this follow instructions below.
CMS-XML Field is set to required but it will display green and not red as it should.
Set field to required but it displays green and not red. Some other required fields on the same form are red as they should be.
TEXT Dim 7.0 Inet Sol 2.7 README.TXT
If this happens, use your browser's Back command. 4.2 Required Icon does not Change in Relate Dialog Box When you fill in the required fields in the Relate dialog box, the color of the required icon does not change from red to green , as it does in other dialog boxes. You can still complete and submit the dialog box.
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions } } @@ -334,8 +356,7 @@ } // This JavaScript function makes a field appear to be required , including red/ green settings -function MakeFieldRequired(objname, bShowIfHidden) -{
CMS-XML String changes from 2008 R2.05 to 2009 R1
CMS-XML TRK 7.0: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
A: Red means "STOP and fill in this field". The field is required before you can save the SCR. Green means "you can GO onto the next field if you want". The field is required, but either you already entered a value or it is not required until the SCR is closed.
CMS-XML Updates to custom long test fields in the Edit Log Entry page
Expand 'Status' folder Click on green 'New Log Entry' icon Enter text for the 'Status Description'text box
CMS-XML Dim12: How to assign several values to an attribute in the /SCRIPT_PARAMETERS parameter of the UA command?
Status: ONLINE Description: (None) Created: 31-MAR -2014 16:02:22 by DMSYS
CMS-XML Accessing Sub-Relational fields via TeamScript
For selection and relational fields, this method returns a record ID for the appropriate table (e.g., TS_SELECTIONS for selections). However, for sub-relational fields , this call always returns the text string " (None) " and not the actual value of the sub-relational field . To retrieve the actual sub-relational field value, you must retrieve the field's object and use the GetDisplayValue method.
CMS-XML FDM: copybook getting error on comment line
Following is the documentation we provide on this language type. Just for information, if a field that has green arrows, the cursor can be placed on that field , and PF1 be used to get field level help.
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