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CMS-XML VM: How to set up workfile location for a file using the PCLI command SetWorkLocation (SWL)
When a workfile location is set , the location is stored in the default workspace by default. To be able to store the location in a workspace other than the default, by using the -sp option (as described below)an alternative workspace must be defined.
CMS-XML PCLI Put - How to check in file from non default workfile location
If the files are located at C:\test\chess\server\server.bat and C:\test\chess\server\shutdown.txt , you would set your basepath option to / to indicate that the -a directory C:\test is at the project hierarchy level of /.
CMS-XML PCLI: How to create private workspaces and set default workfile locations from command line
If you want to store the location in workspace other than the user's default, you must specify which workspace by using the -sp option. The argument entity_path determines which file or project within the workspace the change should be made to. If not specified, the workfile location is assigned to the project database root.
CMS-XML PCLI: How to list files containing a specific promotion group.
Is it possible to use the PCLI LIST command to indicate which revisions are set to a specific Promotion Group? pcli list -pre:\pvcs -caRevision:Ready_for_Build -z
CMS-XML PCLI: how to get a revision with multiple version label
# Get the tip revision for all archives that have 2 specific labels set -vLabel1 "$1" # Label that needs to exist on the file set -vLabel2 "$2" # Second label that also needs to exist on the file
CMS-XML PCLI get command on UNIX client throws "could not read the information stored in the archive" error, but the desktop client GUI running on the same system has no problems getting this file
This problem may be caused by having a Version Manager installation running in setuid (& setgid) mode, with end-users not being a member of the setgid group the VM executables are running with. When setuid mode is enabled, all users are expected to be a member of this group, and use a umask setting that allows group reading (the second to last digit that is returned by the command "umask" should be 0 or 2).
CMS-XML VM 8.2 - GUI: Application List File problem: "pvcs/gui/applist.cfg" / PCLI: [Error] System Interfaces File problem: "pvcs/cmd/pcli.cfg"
An example of a malformed variable: set PVCSTZ=480 0 11/1/0 2:0:0 0 3/2/0 2:0:0 -60 The corrected variable:
TEXT ReadmeVM.txt
For example: pcli listversionedfiles -prd:\productb -pp/newprj @listfile or pcli getworklocation -sp/@/mariec/myworkspace... To avoid this conflict, set the kill character to a value other than @. For example: stty kill ^U ( sets the kill character to CTRL+U) 9.5 File Descriptor Limit Some PCLI operations, such as ListVersionedFiles, can open many files at a time. On some UNIX systems, the default open file descriptor limit may be set too low.
CMS-XML How to allow the PCLI client to use the encrypted password in __EventPassword__
it CAN also be used to authenticate a user in PCLI . For this feature to work , there are two requirements: ... The file ... eeds to be modified on the system(s) that needs to use EVENTPASSWORD with PCLI , such that it contains: ... set PCLI_ID="$EVENTUSERID:$EVENTPASSWORD"
MS-POWERPOINT Leveraging PCLI to extend the use of Version Manager
Gets files based on a ... projects without matching files . ... Finds labels in files based on a ... Lists files where default or labeled revisions are different from files in the default ... ... revisions of a file . ... paths of all files in the PDB ... of the selected file . How can I suppress the PCLI banner info? ... :\> pcli echo test ... Version Manager ( PCLI ) v8 ... ... option to the PCLI interpreter, before ... ... :\> pcli -nb echo ... ... :\> set PVCS_NO ... ... :\> pcli echo test
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