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CMS-XML No Keypair entries found in the file when importing certificate into SBM Configurator
When importing a PFX or PEM file into the SBM Configurator, the error No Keypair entries found in the file is displayed. This means that the PFX or PEM does not have a public key, private key and complete chain of all certificate authorities responsible for signing the certificate .
CMS-XML VM: How to import an updated SSO STS Trust Certificate / How to solve "Invalid SSO token" errors
Non-certtool instructions: Launch the SBM Configurator , go to the Security
PDF How To: Import SSL certificates into the Java keystore used by DA Agent
Nearly all DA process steps are executed on the agent, in the context of that agent machine. If the process step will connect with another resource that requires SSL for communication, then the Agent must have the necessary certificates . For example, if the Send Mail process step is used and the mail server requires SSL for communication then the agent will need the appropriate certificates.
CMS-XML 'Generate All' button the Configurator > Advanced Settings > Security > Secure SBM tab is grayed out
Once the SSO certificates are generated on the SSO server, they should be imported to other SBM component servers. These component servers need to have all certificates for the SSO gatekeeper that is installed. Note that SSO gatekeeper will not appear as a component
CMS-XML DimCM: SSL: How to enable SSL for Dimensions CM with SBM SSO Server with your own CA Certificate
The attached document will cover the usage of a signed certificate (pfx or p12 file format) from a Certificate Authority (CA) and how to convert it with openssl into a format that we can then ultimately import into a keystore for Tomcat to use, how to create a new cacerts for non-browser clients, etc., importing the SSL Certificate into SBM Configurator for SSO, exporting and importing the SBM SSL Certificates, etc.
CMS-XML DA: Importing SSL Certificates on DA Agent
Please see attached for instructions on exporting/ importing keys to the DA Agent keystore
CMS-XML Important SSL certificates in SBM
SSL client certificates (Smart Cards) are required to access SBM If the Server SSL certificate allows it, import the server SSL certificate into the Client Certificate Authentication tab which is located under the Security section of Configurator . Import this certificate key pair for both the IIS and Tomcat section. Single-Sign On Login Server certificates
CMS-XML 10.1- (Earlier versions affected if SSO On) - SBM Sample Certificates for STS, Federation Server and SSO Gatekeeper expire on 13th June 2015 or 16th September 2017 - Error message: Failed to verify signature
7. Copy the file to the other SBM servers. 8. Open Configurator on each of the other SBM servers and click the " Import " button (at the bottom left of the screen) to import the configuration snapshot exported in 6. Select "Apply". 9. Start the IIS and JBoss services on all your SBM servers.
CMS-XML Utility to update the SSO (Serena Single Sign-On) certificates used by PVCS Version Manager
, unless this was changed (see Notes below). Once the certificate has been imported , SBM Configurator should show a Validity range for the Trusted Certificate information for Serena Version Manager Server from the date the certificate was generated (at step 8) until 5 years later. Click Apply
CMS-XML How to acquire the SSL certificates for your mail server when setting up the Mail Client ( EOF on Socket ) error in ns.log
The attached video shows how to get a copy of the SSL certificates being used by your mail server in order for them to be imported into the JBoss/Tomcat keystore.
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