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CMS-XML DimCM: SSL: How to enable SSL for Dimensions CM with SBM SSO Server with your own CA Certificate
keystore file. This keystore contains a certificate which has a CN of ‘localhost’ with the Root of Serena Sample CA-2. This file is located in the $Tomcat\ conf directory.
CMS-XML Configuration changes required for Smart Card authentication when IIS is configured to proxy SBM requests
, and use the Advanced | Security settings in SBM Configurator to enable Client Cert SSL and configure it with appropriate certificates .
CMS-XML How to Export an IIS SSL key and certificate to JBoss - 2009R2 and prior
\Serena\ Business Mashups \Common\jboss405\server\default\ conf 4. Open serena.keysore with IBM's Keyman, which can be found here: .
CMS-XML Remove SBM from IIS -After upgrading Windows/IIS or installing patches, it is possible for corruption to occur in the applicationhost.config file. This corruption can cause 500 errors or connection reset errors when accessing a particular IIS virtual application.
Review your bindings by click Edit Bindings under Actions on the right. Note the ports and the SSL certificate if one is used.
MS-WORD We resolved the issue by combining the CA certificate and the signed certificate that the CA returned
SBM 2009 R4 has the ability to configure SBM for SSL using the Configuration Utility or Configurator. There are limits to SSL configuration using the Configurator. More can be found on this subject in the Installation Guide.
CMS-XML SBM Configurator needs the following access
S139238 : "This access control list is not in canonical form and therefore cannot be modified" ENH266145: Configure deletes and re-adds SSL certificate every time the Apply is done. Other Issues with Configurator
CMS-XML How to enable SBM to communicate via SSL with a SQL Server database
... SQL Server using SSL . ... negotiate to use SSL therefore you do ... ... relevant to the SBM Application Engine and Configuration Settings ( This ... your version of SBM and whether you ... ... your SQL Server SSL certificate into the Windows Certificate Store. Open the SBM Configurator and add either "; ssl =require ... or "; ssl =request As of SBM 10.1 ... ... the "; ssl =required" ... your SQL Server SSL certificate chain into the ... ... located in [ SBM Install Directory] ... use "; ssl =authenticate [ SBM Install Directory] ...
CMS-XML DimCM: SSL: How to enable SSL for use with Dimensions CM
... Dimensions CM with SSL enabled on your ... ... keystore contains a certificate which has a ... ... $Tomcat\ conf directory. ... localhost) Sample Certificate , sample- ... with your own certificate for the Dimensions ... ... self-signed certificate or use a signed certificate from a Certificate ... ... use a signed certificate from a Certificate ... ... . For Dimensions SSL only and using a signed certificate from a Certificate ... ... of a signed certificate (pfx or ... 2. For Dimensions SSL with SBM SSO Server SSL enabled and using a signed certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA) for the Dimensions CM Server.
CMS-XML Important SSL certificates in SBM
Server SSL Certificate : Access to the SBM web site needs to be secured with an SSL certificate that is well-known and trusted to all the browsers / clients that will connect to it. Client SSL Certificates:
CMS-XML KM-DIM2009R2: How to configure Tomcat to use SSL with a self-signed certificate
The section in the Administration guide on how to setup Tomcat to use SSL simply points to the online Tomcat documentation. Here is a quick guide on how to generate a self-signed certificate and how to setup Tomcat to use it.
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