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CMS-XML SBM: Setup SBM to access SQL Server using Windows Authentication
Here are the steps necessary to setup SBM to connection to a SQL Server database using Windows Authentication. Create a Windows Domain Service account and give it login access to SQL. NOTE: This user much have the ability to login in batch mode (Start > Administrative Tools > Locak Security Policy > User Rights Assignment > Login in batch mode).
CMS-XML VM I-Net Web Client login fails with HTTP ERROR 403 for servlets using an SBM SSO server for authentication
Access to DNS_Name_of_SBM_SSO_Server was denied You don't have authorization to view this page.
CMS-XML Connecting to PDB on FS from within an IDE throws "Access has been denied because your login account is invalid"
When using Version Manager 8.0.x with a PDB on a File Server, check the Path Map that is used to access the PDB to make sure Access Control Database and/or LDAP are not set. If either or both are set, and there is no explicit reason to have them enabled, unset both. This way, authentication will only happen at the PDB level and will work correctly from within the IDE as well.
CMS-XML How to output logs of login access attempts
Authentication events can be selected from the Active Diagnosticis (AD) DB by either context or system type ( i.e. {Ctx:/auth/i} or {SysType:/auth/i}}. Successful logins can be seen at “INFO”, “DEBUG”, and “TRACE” levels while failed ones can be seen at “ERROR” level. By default, AD records at info level which will included failed and successful authentications.
CMS-XML About: VMINET: 6.x: Login and Access Control Database Operation
To login you first select a project from the "VM I-NET Project Roots" page on your Web browser (vminet.html). This associates the login to a particular project which in turn associates the login to a particular access database, if one is defined. The following logic is applied to perform user ID and password authentication :
CMS-XML Don't see SBM login form or get prompted with a windows security login prompt. Access to SBM denied
Try resetting the authentication . For example, open Configurator and change from SSO authentication to use Cookies, click Apply, change it back to SSO, and Apply.
CMS-XML Dim: Authentication: DMN4510048E Error: User authentication failed when trying to define an item library on a NAS when Dimensions CM Server has SSO enabled
When SSO is enabled and when defining the item Library with a NAS drive, in the "Remote Node Login " section, it is required to enter the name and password of the user (here dmsys) used to access the NAS
CMS-XML New Authentication Options in SBM Configurator
There are two methods for accessing the SBM system: either by logging in via the browser interfaces or by access through Web services (AE, JSON, etc.) or the SBM API. The new configuration options are described below for each method of accessing SBM. If you use SSO to manage sessions, new authentication options include: · Gathering credentials using the SSO login form and validating against the Windows domain (see 1)
MS-WORD Tracker 5 has three parts: a database, an application, and three interfaces. The database contains the data Tracker manages and displays to the user. The Tracker application manages the users’ access to the data such as queries, submission of new Change R
Set Yes for Is the default project? if you want this project displayed at login for anonymous users or if you want this project highlighted in the project list in the Login dialog box for authenticated users.
MS-WORD Hybrid SSO.docx
The HybridSSO integration kit consists of a J2EE based login server which is deployed in the customer intranet. Once integrated with the enterprise authentication framework, this login server provides seamless access to Serena OnDemand services eliminating the need for password management. Preconfigured OnDemand users who are authenticated for the enterprise, automatically are granted Serena OnDemand login session without being prompted for a password.
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