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CMS-XML Dim cm 12.x 14.x : audit reports out of stage "Inactive revision error - file should not be in the deployment area"
AUDIT command reports this out of stage issue : Item details: =============
CMS-XML Dim cm 12.x 14.x : audit reports out of stage "Disk read error / msg:8 Failed to open file"
this error indicates the item revision file is no longer in the area. This can be fixed by rerunning audit command with /FIX option. This will copy the missing file of the revision in the area as follow :
CMS-XML Dim cm 12.x 14.x : audit reports out of stage "File contents checksum error - file has been edited"
(copied okay) then rerun an AUDIT command to check this out of stage issue goes away
CMS-XML Dim12: How to audit the deletion of a baseline
By adding the following line to the dm.cfg file for the server, Dimensions will keep a text file log of all commands issued, by whom, with parameters and an indication of whether or not the command was successful or not.
CMS-XML KM-Dim10: Record Length Larger then files Max length detected. 81034-Error: Unable to retrieve library file
81020-Error: Unable to copy item PAC:U415ALAB LOADLIB.A-LOADLIB;1 to all build area(s). Error: The copying of files to build area(s) failed (see populate_files.out). You may need to manually clean them up or run the AUDIT command
CMS-XML Dim cm 12.2.2.x : promote and deploy complete successfully but no file is copied in the deploy area
The AUDIT command of the concerned stage (as follow : AUDIT "<product_id>:<project_id>" /STAGE="<stage_id" /USER_FILENAME="c:\ audit .txt" /NOFIX ) reports this error below for the files non copied in the deploy area : Errors found:
CMS-XML Dim 12.2.2; Clarification about the use of CM audit filters with deployment areas
Audit filters: used to exclude files from the AUDIT command /FIX process. Caution:
CMS-XML Dim14: Rollback: NCL4501420E Error: Unable to remove directory "/dir1/dir2/utils" because it is not empty.
Performing a DMCLI command of AUDIT will assist in determining what files may be causing the issue. If you do not want the deployments or rollbacks to create or delete directories, this can be done by using the suppress_create_dir_areas.xml as described in our Knowledgebase Solution S141083.
CMS-XML Dim: How to supervise or log users activity (AUDIT)
# Command logging enabled ... # Log all commands run on this server.. #DM_INTERNAL_ AUDIT _CMD_ FILE %DM_LOGGING_DIR%cmdLogfile.log #DM_USER_ AUDIT _LOG_ FILE %DM_LOGGING_DIR%userLogfile.log # Log all commands run on this server to the database... #DM_ AUDIT _CMD_USAGE true ... Remember to disable this once done as these variables can produce large log files on the Dimensions Server.
CMS-XML How To: Handle Binary Files with PVCS Version Manager
Table of Contents Documentation Files Complete Audit Trail ... Settings for Binary Files ... Generation and Binary Files ... Compression and Binary Files ... Expansion and Binary Files ... Translation and Binary Files ... In and Binary Files ... to Store Binary Files nManaging files and folders.
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