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CMS-XML ZMF 5.5 to ZMF 5.6 Migration Guide 'Sample Conversion Day Script' update
In the ZMF 5.5 to 5.6 Migration Guide, page 51 describes all the steps to create the IA table and the new BUN table. It even tells you to run the Full IA job after the ZMF V5.6 task comes up (point #4). However, in the 'Sample Conversion Day Script' on pages 60 + 61 there is no mention of the IA and BUN table jobs or when to run the Full IA job to populate the tables.
All of this work may be performed without the use of Change Man . Remember to double check your work and run the compare before utilizing your new Stacked Reverse Delta datasets in Change Man . When cutting over to Change Man your Librarian datasets should be locked out for update.
CMS-XML Modules CMNGNRPT/CMNRPTDS obsolete in Change Man Mainframe 5.1.0
In Change Man Mainframe 4.1.6, assembler module CMNGNRPT and copylib member CMNRPTDS were used to add custom reports to the report selection list. In Change Man Mainframe 5.1.0, the functionality that these modules provided is now accomplished via Global and Local Administration panels, effectively making these modules obsolete. This has not been documented in Release Notes or Summary of Enhancements, etc. We believe it should be as customers converting from 4.1.6.
CMS-XML SA03 abend or RC=08: changes necessary for ZMF 5.5 SERXMLRC
If you were running the sample SERXMLRC in ZMF 5.3 and want to convert these reports to version 5.5 there are changes that will require additions to the REXX code. SERXMLRC in 5.5 needs a 'userid' parameter and disconnect code.
CMS-XML 'Migration Guide, Version 5.3 to 5.6' missing information on Report Conversion
Until the ZMF documentation can be updated you should refer to the ZMF 5.5 documentation, specifically the 'Migration Guide, Version 5.3 to 5.5', pages 42-43 and 54-55 for information on converting the Reports.
CMS-XML DB2 Option Admin Changes Required When Converting to 5.2.x
What changes are needed in DB2 Admin when converting to Change Man 5.2? The Migration Guide clearly describes the need to add a SITE to each of the DB2 Logical Subsystems that are used by promotion. What about my logical subsystems that are targets for installs?
CMS-XML During a VSS conversion, a CR (carriage return) is added to the end of each line in text files
The VSS conversion documentation in the Serena ChangeMan Conversion Guide does not mention that a CR (carriage return) is added to the end of each line in text files.
CMS-XML Packages in motion during a conversion from Librarian to PDS.
The following steps will eliminate components to be flagged as out of synch during a conversion from Librarian to PDS: 1. Bring down the Production Change Man System and deactivate the CMN TSO startup command.
CMS-XML Change Man and DB2 Version 6
Compliance issue #1. Type 1 indexes are no longer supported. Before migrating to DB2 V6, customers must convert all Type 1 indexes to Type 2 indexes or the migration will fail.
HTML Serena® ChangeMan® SSM Version 8.2.2 Readme File Last updated on 14 July 2005
2.0 Compatibility Conversion procedures are required when upgrading to ChangeMan SSM 8.2.2 from version 7. These procedures are described in detail in the ChangeMan SSM 8.2.2 Installation Guide If you are currently on version 8, no conversion procedures are required. ChangeMan SSM 8.2.2 is compatible with z/OS 1.6 and earlier versions of z/OS supported by IBM.
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