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CMS-XML About: VM Executables & Key Files - Basic VM Troubleshooting
Please skip this long paragraph (go down to: ISLV.INI) unless ? your computer has been in the hands of one skilled in customizing computing environments. We first need to locate a file called (on UNIX: ?.islvrc?) on Win&OS/2: ?ISLV.INI?. This initialization file must be located (if under DOS,Win or OS/2) on a local hard drive. Do a search/Find/Seek to ensure that there is only one file by this name on your system. If there are multiple versions, check their ?last modified? dates. Any one (or more) of them could be active. Perhaps some were created and used only one time. Perhaps multiple versions of VM were installed on this computer. By default, the active version is most likely located in your UNIX home directory; or in Win95 - the C:\Win95\; or under WinNT - C:\Winnt\. Open each one for browsing. By looking at the ?last modified? dates, relative file sizes , and their locations, it is usually possible to tell which ?ISLV.INI-or-.islvrc? file is the active one. If still unclear, (or to double-check) open up a Term/DOS box and check your environmental variables. In DOS type ? SET ?. Look for ?ISLVINI=? This parameter probably does not exist. But if it has been set , this is where VM will go to find the ?islv.ini? file. If ?ISLVINI=? is not present, then look for ?WINDIR=?. This is where VM will look in Win95/98/NT. Under UNIX, look for ?HOME=?. The ?ISLV.INI-or-.islvrc? file initiates the calls to all other VM key files which follow, as listed below.
CMS-XML How To: Handle Binary Files with PVCS Version Manager
Table of Contents Setting Configuration Options ... How to Configure Version Manager to Store Binary ... To set configuration options: ... features available in Version Manager . ... sections in The PVCS Version Manager User Guide and ...
PDF Version Manager Server ReadMe Files
... , the archive file size may grow at ... ... . Start the Version Manager GUI. ... . Start the Version Manager GUI. Version Manager fills out the ... ... system Color Palette setting to another configuration ... ... 4.0 VM I-NET WORKFILE DIRECTORY ISSUES ... The VM I-NET project workfile directory ... ... workfile directory, VM I-NET will try to ... ... work," and you enter a full path of "c:\mywork" for the folder, VM I-NET ignores the project workfile directory, and instead, uses only "c: ...
CMS-XML WINDOWID has to be set on Xterm in order to run VM
WINDOWID has to be set on Xterm in order to run VM
CMS-XML PRO8 Forgotten Version Manager File Server admin password after it was changed / Password Lost / Password Reset
The default user ID and password for the Version Manager File Server administrator tool (http://localhost:8080/serenafs/Admin) are: Administrator name: Admin Password: Admin
CMS-XML MVR: How to add multiple file extensions to the ''Filter'' setting when defining a Version Manager Source
When defining a Version Manager source from within Mover, you might want to put more than one file extension in the filter value.
CMS-XML About: VM6.5: What can be set as UNC in VM 6.5?
UNC can be used in nearly every aspect of Version Manager 6.5, however there is an unexpected behavior when using UNC for a reference directory. See document VM6.5: Reference directories created with incorrect path .
CMS-XML VM 8.6.0 DEF313388: HotFix for VM 8.6.0 to solve Desktop Client GUI losing selection set after performing an operation
The attached HotFix solves the following issue in VM 8.6.0: DEF313388: VM 8.6 Desktop Client GUI loses selection set after performing an operation DEF315635: VM 8.6 Desktop Client GUI can change project selection set after completion of operation
CMS-XML VM: Resetting sub project workfile directory in Root workspace does not append project name to path.
In Root workspace resetting project workspace does not append project name to path. VM 6.7.10.
CMS-XML How To: #1451 Setting Unix defaults (i.e. umask before invoking Version Manager 5.2
Setting Unix defaults before invoking the Version Manager GUI executes the Unix VM GUI. A very useful process for setting default
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