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CMS-XML Dim10: How to export preference settings in RAD to multiple users machines?
Importing and Exporting Preferences Preference files can be both imported to and exported from the Workbench allowing you to easily share individual or group preferences. The Import wizard can be used to import preferences from the local file system to the Workbench.
CMS-XML User's default email client does not appear and how is your preferred email client set.
Set your browser to use a different or no email client and save. Go back and set the browser to use the email client that you would like to use. The preferred email client setting in SBM comes from the either the settings in the browser being used or from the windows default programs which are set in Control Panel.
CMS-XML Using Work Center how can I pre-populate the list of Favorites that a user sees when they click the New button?
7 = This is the ts_id from the following query for the project you want set as the favorite . ( select TS_ID, ts_name from ts_projects )
CMS-XML 'User Preference' and 'Area Preference' explained
The functionality of the preferences is not intuitive, but explanations follow: ... User Preference: This option selects the file checked out to the specified user of the file currently highlighted to be transferred. Area Preference : This option selects the files checked out to the specified area of the file currently highlighted to be transferred.
CMS-XML VM: How to prevent users from creating Project Databases
The preferred solution is to use the Version Manager File Server, which is available as of VM release 8.0. When the VM File Server is used, the PVCS Administrator can specify the field Password for Create PDB
CMS-XML Dim10: How can we show the full name of the user in the Delegation dialog instead of the userid?
To set: Within the Desktop Client, go to Tools/ Preferences /Configuration Tab. On this tab, under the Display Formats section, change the User name display to User Full Name {UserID}.
CMS-XML VM users on AIX get WARNING: Could not lock System prefs. Unix error code xxxxxxxxx every 30 seconds
The warning is caused by the inability of the Java Runtime Engine (JRE) used by Version Manager to access the default system root preference location, which should default to /etc/.java/.systemPrefs Although the message indicates a harmless problem that does not affect the operation of Version Manager, the repeated nature of messages may be deemed annoying.
CMS-XML VM 8.2.1 - Security violation: user can perform actions prohibited by Access List
This issue only happens when both privileges are restricted to a promotion group. In that scenario user restrictions on promotion groups are given preference over access list restrictions on promotion groups. The issue exists in all Version Manager releases as of version 8.1.1.
CMS-XML DimCM: Login: PRG4200001E Error: Not an authorised Dimensions user
This is the preferred method. Commenting out the above variable is the preferred method. This will in turn allow for Dimensions to control the pooling and close them out correctly.
CMS-XML PVCS VM: You cannot access this project because the LDAP User DN or Password is incorrect, or the Server cannot be reached as specified.
This will launch the desktop client GUI, with LDAP debug showing up in the command prompt window. If preferable , you can also run a PCLI command that interacts with the same project database.
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