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CMS-XML Redundant License Server Setup Instructions
This document details the steps for setting up a Redundant License Server environment. This is intended for customers that are running TeamTrack Release 6.3 and Above.
CMS-XML BUILD: How to redirect license server for build (see KB 70442 for full instructions)
From my test you can modify where to point to different license server by modifying "<Build INSTALL PATH>\Merant\Build\tomcat\webapps\ROOT\openmake\license\license.ini" UPDATE:
CMS-XML SLM: How do I move (rehost) my existing license keys to a new server?
Please see the following video demonstration for instructions on how to rehost your licenses to the new server: When you are ready to rehost your license, go to the Software Licenses and Downloads (SLD) at:
CMS-XML Serena License Manager 2.1.5 (SLM 2.1.5)
1.5 License Manager UI Requires Manual "Run as Administrator" Invocation (server-side fix)
CMS-XML SLM: How to configure SLM (Serena License Manager) and its clients for a redundant server environment
Unlike a regular license key, the key provided in this email cannot be pasted into your Serena License Manager. To install the key, please use the following instructions :
CMS-XML SLM Error: Invalid license key (inconsistent authentication code)
still needs to list it as one of the values that gets returned, but it is OK for this HostID to not be the first one in that list. Instructions on removing the bad key can be found in Knowledge Base article S133890 .
CMS-XML Serena License Manager 2.2.0 (SLM 2.2.0)
On Windows platforms, if you have a previous version of SLM you must uninstall it before installing version 2.2.0. To uninstall the Windows 64-bit version of SLM 2.1.5 follow the instructions in this Serena knowledgebase article S140838
CMS-XML SLM: Certain clients sometimes/consistently cannot connect to the License Server, especially from remote locations
Change the SLM server configuration so that the main (lmgrd) server is always using the same port. You can pick the default value of 27000. For detailed instructions , please see KB article S136346 .
CMS-XML SLM: How to access the Serena License Manager through a firewall / What TCP ports are used by the Serena License Manager?
For instructions , as well as a reason why it is preferable to always specifying the port number on the client, see KB doc S137310 . You can find the lmgrd port and the merant vendor daemon port that the License Manager is currently using in the *.log file, by looking for: 11:55:10 (lmgrd) lmgrd tcp-por
CMS-XML Serena License Manager 2.1.4 (SLM 2.1.4)
1.4 Redundant License Servers In Quorum Are No Longer Shut Down (DEF83454 - Server) Note: For instructions on setting up redundant servers for SLM , refer to Solution 5004775 in the Solutions area of
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