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CMS-XML SRA: SDA property to obtain the agent hostname
SRA: SDA property to obtain the agent hostname
CMS-XML SDA: Set an environment property from the shell plugin
Is it possible to set an environment property from the shell plugin? We have a shell plugin that will execute some windows commands. We want an output of the shell script to be used later on in other steps of the process.
CMS-XML SDA: How to increment component properties in a process
SDA has the ability to increment component properties in a process using the Set Property utility and the <property name> + 1 as the value. As an example, we have a component property named "number" with an initial value of 1.
CMS-XML SDA: Output properties from the previous step do not have any value when referenced
Within an SDA process, one process step may create output properties with values and a later step may reference these properties. Sometimes the process step creating the property is immediately before the process step that references the new value. In rare circumstances, the 2nd process step may reference the property and the property either does not exist or has no value.
PDF SDA: Getting started with the Commandline client
{ "entityType": "Component", "name": "newComp", " description ": " ... ", " properties ": [ ... ", " description ": "", "secure": false }] }, { "name": "custom", " properties ": [] }, { "name": "template", " properties ": [] } ]}, "processes": [], "taskDefs": [], "configTemplates" ...
CMS-XML SDA: values for debugging LDAP connection issues in SDA
SDA : log4j. properties values for debugging LDAP connection issues in SDA
CMS-XML SDA: Escaping certain characters when performing a string comparison in a Switch step
A Component Property is defined called install.dir which needs to be validated in a Switch step so that it doesn't contain a location that shouldn't be used such as C:\. If this string is used the Switch will fail even though you can see that C:\ is being passed via the install.dir property.
CMS-XML SDA: How to edit or change component source type parameters when a template is in use
When a component template is referenced for a component, those properties or parameters that are provided in the template will appear grey in the component and these are not available for change within the component itself. These can only be changed by editing the template.
CMS-XML SDA Switch Getting Started Tutorial
o Global Switches can be used effectively with the process properties .
CMS-XML SDA: Agent Log showing SSL Exception
2015-10-01 12:08:38,665 - Sending: WireFormatInfo { version=6, properties ={TcpNoDelayEnabled=true, SizePrefixDisabled=false, CacheSize=1024, StackTraceEnabled=true, CacheEnabled=true, TightEncodingEnabled=true, MaxInactivityDuration=30000, MaxInactivityDurationInitalDelay=10000}, magic=[A,c,t,i,v,e,M,Q ]}
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