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CMS-XML Restrict by Role on certain transitions not acting as expected or certain transitions seem to be available or unavailable to certain users unexpectedly.
Check and make sure there aren't any restrictions that have been placed on the Group or the Item Type in this screen. If there are any adjust these restrictions accordingly and see if you get the desired result.
CMS-XML XML Import restricts names to 32 characters.
This was fixed for the Transition Name, but remains for other field names, which is reported as defect DEF81718. Before it's fixed, customers can change the following from "NameType" to "LongNameType" in the "workflow.xsd" file in the "bin" directory.
CMS-XML How can I Mass Transition more than 250 items at once?
Currently users who can Mass Transition items in TeamTrack are limited to 250 items at a time. How can the limit be increased?
CMS-XML Searching for all issues that have been through a certain transition
Also, you may wish to limit this report for all issues that have been through a certain transition within a certain time range. Thus, variables 'timeconstraint1' and 'timeconstraint2' are added, which you will need to calculate. Date fields are stored as the number of seconds since January 1, 1970, 12:00:00 AM, Greenwich Mean Time.
CMS-XML KM-Dim7: SQL-0304(22034) ORA-00001: unique constraint (PRODUCT>.PENDING_ACTIONS_K1) violated
Remove duplicate lifecycle entries for the same from/to transition
CMS-XML Dim10: 1019 - DBIO: Oracle Error occurred SQL-0304 (22034) ORA-00001: Unique constraint (pcms.pending_actions_k1) violated.
One cause of this is incorrect data somewhere in the role assignments, object type definitions or lifecycle definitions. For example once in a while a control plan will indicate a transition from the same lifecycle state to the same other lifecycle state with one transition defined as NORMAL and a second defined as off-normal. In some instances, the problem can also be seen with the lifecycle of the Item Type or Request Type within Admin Console.
PDF Restrict by Promotion Group_docx
Restrict by Promotion Group
CMS-XML How To Restrict By Promotion Group
How To Restrict By Promotion Group
CMS-XML STR: List of Restricted Resources
STR: List of Restricted Resources
CMS-XML General rules for restricting by promotion group
General rules for restricting by promotion group
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