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CMS-XML How To require appended text on a journal field
How To require appended text on a journal field
CMS-XML Maximum length of memo and journal fields for both Oracle and SQL server
Maximum length of memo and journal fields for both Oracle and SQL server
CMS-XML Why doesn't my field name show in the list of available fields in the "Value display format" field?
Text fields of type Memo and Journal don't show in the list of available fields for the "Value display format" area in the Property Editor of a Table. For this reason "Description" may not be available.
CMS-XML STR610: Entering zero in packed or binary fields
You can enter a value of '0' without a problem, but if you attempt to enter any decimal value (for example, '0.0' or '0.00' for the S9(5)V99 COMP field mentioned above), you get the short error message 'Non-numeric number' on the screen.
CMS-XML Get "Author could not be resolved" tool tip when hovering over user name in journal entry or the users name can't be clicked to send email.
If you looked at one of these journal fields in the database they might looks something like this.
CMS-XML Some values are missing or invalid filling in a money attribute
When a decimal value is entered in a money attribute in the Summary view, the error "some values are missing or invalid" is displayed instead of saving the value. CAUSE: If a web browsers Tools, Internet Options, General, Languages is set to an International location, such as France(French) money values are not accepted when entered in field 'Economic Value (Plan)', and will result in the above- mentioned error."
CMS-XML Version Manager could not write to the project journal file: "". The journal file path does not exist or does not have write permissions."
, and that the directory containing the journal file (or that is about to contain a newly created journal file) is not writable. More often than not, this is caused by the archive directory accidentically having been assigned a read-only attribute . Example:
CMS-XML Text Field maximum size limit
In Oracle, text fields are stored in Oracle columns as type CLOB, but TeamTrack limits the content to only 64K. Beginning with TeamTrack, you can now utilize up to 262,143 bytes for CLOB-Enabled text fields (including journal and memo fields ).
CMS-XML Multi-Byte Characters and Text Field Size
Characters are stored in the database as bytes. If users are entering multi-byte characters into Text fields , Memo and Journal fields are limited to 64,000 bytes and Fixed Length fields are limited to the number of bytes specified as characters. For example, if you set a fixed length of 80 characters for a Text field and users are entering data in a multi-byte language such as Traditional Chinese (Big-5), the number of actual characters allowed may be less than 80.
CMS-XML GetFieldValue (or GetFieldValues) for a relational or sub-relational field does not return correct value when used with AddChangeCallback or onChange ( Video )
AddChangeCallback("My Field", MyFunction_WithDelay); These are the code fragments mentioned in the second part of the video: Put the following in your .js file.
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