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CMS-XML Setup SourceBridge to access SBM while using Windows Authentication
Setup SourceBridge to access SBM while using Windows Authentication
CMS-XML SBM: Setup SBM to access SQL Server using Windows Authentication
Here are the steps necessary to setup SBM to connection to a SQL Server database using Windows Authentication. Create a Windows Domain Service account and give it login access to SQL. NOTE: This user much have the ability to login in batch mode (Start > Administrative Tools > Locak Security Policy > User Rights Assignment > Login in batch mode).
CMS-XML Error occurred while publishing resources when using Windows Authentication
In the browser when you go to the SBM URL, you get this message in red font: “InitExtension Failed” followed by “An error occurred while publishing resources from the database.” This seems to be alleviated by granting permissions to some first user.
CMS-XML Setting up PKI authentication with SBM
Serena Composer does not use CAC/PIV/etc cards for authentication. However, as of SBM 10.1.4, you can generate a client certificate that resides in the user's Windows profile that will give the user access to the SBM server without the need for a password. These instructions can be found in the SBM Composer guide.
CMS-XML New Authentication Options in SBM Configurator
SBM Login Form: Enter login id and password and authenticate using the web service authentication method (see next option). Windows Authentication :
CMS-XML Don't see SBM login form or get prompted with a windows security login prompt. Access to SBM denied
Try resetting the authentication . For example, open Configurator and change from SSO authentication to use Cookies, click Apply, change it back to SSO, and Apply.
CMS-XML SBM user licenses, laptop and mobile/fixed devices
A license will be set for clean up once the user clicks the Exit link in the interface; in SBM 11.4, simply closing the web browser will act like clicking the Exit link in the UI. Clicking this link should return the user to a landing page. If clicking this link logs the user back in (because you are using Windows Authentication ), then we need to change in setting in [1]
CMS-XML Does SBM work with Single Sign On SSO
can also mean log in once to the Windows workstation and never be presented with a log in prompt by Serena products. This method uses the concept of Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA). Prior to SBM 10.1.2, this could only be done without
HTML Serena Business Manager Security Bulletin
Summary When SBM is configured to use Windows Authentication and SSO, SBM also allows integrations, such as those that use the SBM
HTML SBM Version Diff
Differences Between Versions ... _ABOUT_ SBM ">SERENA BUSINESS MANAGER ... /products/ sbm / ... >About Serena Business Manager ... ">Serena Business Manager Page ... .com/ sbm -app- ... ... _ABOUT_ SBM ">SOLUTIONS BUSINESS MANAGER ... /products/ sbm / ... >About Solutions Business Manager ... ">Solutions Business Manager Page ... /products/ sbm / ... NAME"> SBM System Administrator< ...
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