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CMS-XML Dim: Tomcat: How to determine the version of Tomcat and Java being used
Architecture: x86 JVM Version : 1. 8 .0_40-b26 JVM Vendor: Oracle Corporation
CMS-XML What version of the JDK does SBM use?
type: java -version SBM 11.1 is running JDK 1. 8 .0_92.
CMS-XML Tomcat components fail to start after it's upgraded from 8.5 version.
....... ....... at java java :748)
CMS-XML MVR: ./ug8ykh0.ser (Permission denied) running mover as different user than vm
You get this error on unix/linux if you have Version Manager install owned by a user like "pvcs" and the Mover install owned and run by a different user like "moveruser." The Mover user needs to be able to write to this directory. vm/common/lib/linux
CMS-XML Dim 10: What Java version can be used by Tomcat ?
Dim 10: What Java version can be used by Tomcat ?
CMS-XML Setting the Default Java Heap Size on Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 32-bit
SBM 10.1.5.X and earlier versions are supported on 32-bit systems (2003 and 2008); however, if possible, Serena recommends hosting JBoss on a 64-bit server with at least 8 GB of available RAM. If you cannot install the JBoss components on one or more 64-bit servers, Serena recommends that you distribute the JBoss components on multiple servers, and that your 32-bit servers have at least 4GB of RAM available.
CMS-XML KM-Dim8: Admin Console not allowing Add/export/import of Change Document templates or lifecycle images
For Dimensions 8.x: 1. Verification of the correct version of MS JVM or Sun Java along with which one is enabled.
CMS-XML DIM: No longer works following the release of Java 7 Update 51 (on January 14th 2014) if an older version of the Java plug-in is installed
Since the release of Java 7 Update 51, users of older versions of the Java plug-in (like Java 7 Update 45) get the error message: This browser has no Java Runtime Environment ( JRE ).
CMS-XML Sun JVM will be forcibly installed if the correct version is not found
This behavior can be turned off in <powebinstalldir>/webfiles/include/packages.asp. Turning the behavior off will cause the registered JVM (the applet tag default handler) on each individual client to be run, this usage will not be certified by QA. The default reqs are Java 1.4.2 this can be configured via consulting in <powebinstalldir>/webfiles/js/AppletBuilder.js."
CMS-XML What version of the Sun JRE is currently supported?
Project Office 4.2? ANSWER Although the product may work with older versions ofthe Sun JRE , Pacific Edge
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