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All of this work may be performed without the use of Change Man . Remember to double check your work and run the compare before utilizing your new Stacked Reverse Delta datasets in Change Man . When cutting over to Change Man your Librarian datasets should be locked out for update.
CMS-XML ZMF 5.6.0: CMNUPDAT and SERCMPAR problems managing components with long LRECL.
A problem has been discovered when CMNUPDAT attempts to build the Stacked Reverse Delta ( SRD ) for a component defined with a long LRECL (e.g. LRECL=230 and above has been found to be problematic). The specific LRECL at which the problem appears, is unknown at this time.
CMS-XML Component DELTA listing between ZMF 5.5.1 and ZMF 5.5.2.
CMS-XML Can a 'quick compare' option be provided with Change Man M+R?
The customer is requesting the provision of a 'quick compare' option under M+R. The purpose of this facility would be to provide a simple source compare between one or more parallel development packages. The use of SUPERC outside of M+R has been suggested but the customers have complained that this is slow and cumbersome and relies on the manual transferrance of data (i.e. dataset names) into IBM ISPF panels when Change Man already has this information available.
CMS-XML What happened to the component level detail in the CMN500 report for ZMF v5.5 and v5.6?
When comparing the content of the CMN500 report between v5.3.x and v5.5.x (or v5.6.x) we notice the loss of component level detail.
CMS-XML How to troubleshoot the RLM (Release Manager) 4.x and ChangeMan ZMF integration
Compare the SBM Change History to the ZMF log to verify which events are not being reflected. To look at the ZMF log, from the Primary Option Menu, use the option "L" for log, and give options such as:
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: Unable to open the file for writing c:\program\ptc481.tmp when trying to perform a compare
Dimensions Home Directory [c:\Serena\ ChangeMan \Dimensions\9.1\] The Dimensions Windows client components will be loaded
CMS-XML WSAD compare function on UNIX main server does not highlight differences
If ChangeMan resides on a UNIX main server, the white spaces are viewed for files and will then indicate different during comparison. Unlike UNIX, the Wintel platform does not account for white spaces, so the entire file contents will not indicate different. To be able to see a comparion of the changes within files on a ChangeMan UNIX main sever, it will be necessary to enable the 'ignore white spaces' option within the IDE.
CMS-XML What functions can be performed by a user with READ access to a Change Man Application?
BL Browse compressed listing CC Compare staging changes against baseline/promotion libraries QP Query change package information
CMS-XML Edit Recovery in ChangeMan
This is not a surprise since the dsn at the top of your screen reflects that. All during the editing process, provided you have recovery turned on, ISPF has been keeping its own separate copy of the temporary dataset current to your last enter. Upon PF3 control is returned to CMN and the temporary dataset is compared against the staging version, a difference report is generated if needed and the temporary dataset overlays the staging version.
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