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CMS-XML KM-Dim9: User cannot get, check out, check in, add item or browse through Web Client with Sun Java
Then restart the browser and try to logon to Dimensions again, OK the security prompt and try the operation again.
CMS-XML DIM: No longer works following the release of Java 7 Update 51 (on January 14th 2014) if an older version of the Java plug-in is installed
network: Created version ID: security : LiveConnect (JavaScript) blocked due to security settings. where is an example of the currently installed JRE and is the newer version that the JRE found on the Internet.)
CMS-XML KM-Dim9:14516-ADMSYS_BAD_ENCRYPT Invalid encryption
The Browser (if the error occurred using the Admin Console or Web Client) The Java in use (if the error occurred using the Admin Console or Web Client) The IDE used, if applicable
CMS-XML KM-Dim9: user cannot get or check out, browse file system through Web Client
On UNIX / Linux, with Mozilla, user gets permissions error when fetching or checking out a file (however, if logged on to UNIX as root, user is able to get / check out OK) Also, if user tries to browse the local file system duirng other operations, nothing happens when user clicks the Browse button. There are security / permissions errors in Java Console when this happens.
CMS-XML Error code: SSL_ERROR_INTERNAL_ERROR_ALERT when user tries to add value to / edit a large valid set via Admin Console
This appears to be caused by a JRE bug on Solaris. The workaround is to make a backup copy of /opt/serena/ dimensions /14.3/common/ jre /8.0/lib/ security / file (your path may be different), then edit it, comment out line 68, then renumber the leftover security.provider options, so it would look as follows:
MS-WORD S141805 Dim14.2 SSO Install Checklist.docx
Security errors will occur at this stage for the Web Client and Admin Console. This is due to the SSO Server being set to SSL and that our default sample certificates (located in the $Tomcat/conf directory) are set to “localhost” as the CN name. The ability to login is enabled as the Root CA of ‘Serena Sample CA-2’ has been added to the file of $ JRE \lib\ security \cacerts.
MS-WORD S141322 Dim14 Upgrade Checklist.docx
$TOMCAT\webapps\alfssologin $TOMCAT\webapps\TokenService $TOMCAT\ jre \6.0\lib\ security
MS-WORD Dim 14.2 with SBM SSO Checklist.docx
$JBOSS\default\conf\serena-sbm-sample-ca-key.jks serena $JBOSS_JAVA\ jdk 1.7\ jre \lib\ security \cacerts changeit $JBOSS\default\alfssogatekeeper\conf\truststore.jks changeit
CMS-XML Understanding Mariner Security and Global / Administrative Roles
Understanding Mariner Security and Global / ... Mariner Security Roles Mariner security roles are also ... ... are used to secure access to the ... To secure an investment, ... non-administrator security role. To secure a resource team ... non-administrator security role. Security roles can also be assigned to dimensions on the Dimensions tab in the ... Security roles on the Dimensions tab determine which security roles can edit ... ... global/administrative security roles on the ... ... global/administrative security roles on the ... ... Global/administrative security roles apply to ...
CMS-XML Tips for Securing SBM Server
... How-To Secure SBM Server When securing SBM, we ... Secure connections from the ... As of SBM 11.8, we automatically lock down access to AJP using a random shared secret at the time of install; see the Security section of the Configurator. ... Secure connections from the browser / client to SBM ... Use Secure Response Headers: ... Use SBM Configurator to enable security response headers. Under Security > Secure Response Headers check Enable. ... Open IIS Manager on the server ... The SBM development team utilizes its own Tomcat, JDK and other third party components. We update Tomcat and JDK with every release.
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