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CMS-XML How-To Setup CAC / SmartCard in SBM 11.2 and later
SBM 11.2 and later adds features to the Configurator that make setting up CAC / SmartCard much easier. This document will describe the new setup .
CMS-XML Configuration changes required for Smart Card authentication when IIS is configured to proxy SBM requests
, and use the Advanced | Security settings in SBM Configurator to enable Client Cert SSL and configure it with appropriate certificates.
CMS-XML Serena SSO/CAC Setup through port 443 Only
Note that in SBM 11.x, a feature was introduced under the Component Servers tab of the Configurator where you can simply check a box labeled "Use IIS to proxy all server requests" to configure SBM to do this without needing to manually implement the changes below. This article is valid for CAC / PIV / Certs stored in the user's Windows profile and other Smart Cards . Description of Issue
CMS-XML Expiring Certificate for Dimensions CM on 13 June 2015 if you are using Dimensions CM SSO Server with CAC or SmartCard enabled
a. Set your PATH variable to find the keytool command: set path=%PATH%;[Tomcat Install Dir]\common\jre\7.0\bin Note
CMS-XML How to configure the Cipher Strength for SBM JBOSS
Locate the SSL connectors. There are one or two SSL connector port definitions: one for default port 8243 and default SSL port 8343 if smart card /client authentication is enabled.
CMS-XML Composer gets HTTP request was forbidden with client authentication error
SmartCard is setup on server. The user can get to the Application Repository and the User Workspace after presenting client certificate. However, when trying to login to Composer using a client certificate, we get the following error:
CMS-XML Adding a Logon Consent Banner/Notice to the SBM login screen with SSO enabled
This article outlines the procedure to display a Logon Consent Banner or general notice at the bottom of the SBM login screen when SSO is enabled and SBM's authentication settings are configured to utilize the SBM login page. If you're using a CAC/ Smart Card setup that is proxied over IIS, this setup will not work and you'll need to consult article S141333 for an alternate solution. NOTE:
CMS-XML Dim14: SSO: Default Certificate for FEDSRV due to expire
You will only see messages concerning certificate expiration if the Dimensions server is configured to use SSO with CAC or SmartCard enabled. The simplest way to check this is to look for the following variables in the Dimensions CM server dm.cfg file.
MS-WORD Dim 14.2 with SBM SSO Checklist.docx
... will need to configured and functional with ... ... the pre- installation , installation , post- installation and troubleshooting the ... pre- installation steps for an ... For installation you will need ... Installation for an existing ... During the installation , check the ... you wish to install the SSO Server ... ... is a secure installation (https) ... If the above information was entered incorrectly during the install or changes, please see our Knowledgebase Solution S140718 . Continue with the normal Dimensions CM Install . Post installation steps for an existing sso server (SBM SSO Server) ... *used when authenticating with SmartCards , CAC or PIV
CMS-XML DimCM: SSO: How to create standalone SSO certificates for Dimensions CM and establish a trust with the SSO Server
Dimensions CM can use either SBM or its own SSO Server for authenticating against an LDAP server with or without CAC/ Smart Cards enabled. ... If your Dimensions CM installation matches the below conditions and you are attempting to log into the Dimensions CM Desktop Client, DMCLI, .NET or Eclipse, an error of ... SSO Server with or without CAC/ SmartCard is being used (either from SBM or CM)
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