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CMS-XML PE database cannot be deleted until IIS is restarted
If you have used an Admin module to connect to a PE database , you will not be able to delete the database until you restart IIS. The database connections are cached on the PE server, and are not released until IIS is reset."
CMS-XML Teamtrack is taking up to 15 minutes to load the login page after restart of the application engine
Teamtrack connected to an Oracle database server is taking up to 15 minutes to load the login page first time around after restart of the application engine. The DB has got about 2 million records and 12400 users organized into 2000 user groups. This scenario has been encountered on the following configuration but it may recur on similar ones :
CMS-XML Unix w/Oracle DB Installation Failure Causes odbc.ini File To Populate With Default Information
Therefore, edit the odbc.ini file and make the necessary changes. You will need to stop and restart the oplrqb process after making your changes to this file.
CMS-XML Notifications are not delivered until the service is stopped & restarted
Resolution: When a new database is added, configure the MSMQ on the settings page of the admin module (if you want to enable notifications) then restart the Notification Process. Workaround:
CMS-XML 10.x / 2009Rx / 12.x : is it possible to stop/restart Oracle listener without stopping Dimensions listener first ?
Serena always recommends to stop dimensions first , and then stop Oracle. The reason for this is to avoid possible inconsistency in the database and/or item library and also to prevent orphaned processes be left over in the environment, which might later affect the performance of dimensions.
CMS-XML After restarting IIS it takes an exceptionally long time before any users can login.
When you first install a new solution various files get placed into the payload folder. When you restart IIS after that install the files in the payload folder get pulled into the SBM database and the files are then deleted. You may have to investigate further why they aren't getting deleted but that can cause IIS to take a long time to start.
CMS-XML Dim10: Error: Unable to connect to database
The -user parameter in listener.dat is set to dmsys. If user resets it to root, and then restarts Dimensions, then user can connect with client.
CMS-XML How to Kill multiple Database Agents/Process from running
PingWatchdog = NO to Yes Save the file and restart the request broker This kills the Database Agents associated with machines no longer on the network
CMS-XML Various errors when Tomcat is started while the SBM database is not accessible.
The following errors may occur if SBM is started while the SBM database is not accessible. If you start SBM while the SBM database is not running or is not accessible but later make it accessible the normal user interface will be fine because IIS is able to recover gracefully. Tomcat on the other hand isn't able to recover from this and you will consequently see the following issues until the Tomcat service is restarted while the database is available.
CMS-XML Known Issue: New Project Office database does not appear in the "Connect to Data
If you create a new Microsoft SQL Server database while the Project Office Suite Deployment Utility page is open, close the Project Office Suite Deployment Utility page and then restart the Project Office Suiteinstallation program before creating a new Project Office database . The new Microsoft SQL Server database will now appear in the 'Connect to Database' list on the Database Connection Information step."
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